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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
10876Accredited Lock Supply Co.1994 Encyclopedia of Locksmith SuppliesAccredited Lock Supply Co.Very good, with light shelf wear. The lower tip of the front corner has a sharp crease.1994 paperback, 8.5 x 11 inches, with 490 pages, many illustrations and an index.Accredited Lock Supply, Lock Supply, trade catalog$30
14550All-World Scientific & ChemicalAll-World Scientific & Chemical CatalogAll-World Scientific & ChemicalGood. Covers have wear and creasing. Pages have creased corners.8.5 x 11 inches, All-World Scientific & Chemical Trade Catalog.Trade Catalog, All-World Scientific & Chemical$20
13327American Handicrafts CompanyCatalog of Craft Supplies 1950 RevisionAmerican Handicrafts CompanyGood. Rusty staples. Some ink numbers and a staple removal mark on the front cover.8.5 x ll inches, a crafts trade catalog with many illustrations, photos and an index.Trade Catalog, American Handicrafts Company$20
13321American Schaeffer & Budenberg Instrument DivisionAmerican Temperature And Pressure Controllers Catalog 2500Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Inc.Very good.5 x 7.75 inches with many drawings, b&w photos and an index. Includes a 16 page price list.Trade Catalog, Americian Schaeffer & Budenberg Instrument Division, Manning Maxwell & Moore inc.$20
13850Blodgett, L. S. EditorMarine Catalog and Buyers' DirectorySimmons-Boardman Publishing CorporatiionGood. Ex-Library with 3 library stamps, embossed number on the spine. Some shelf wear and soiling on the covers. Spine lettering a bit worn. Contents very good.8.5 x 11 inches, 1.5 inches thick, commercial marine catalogs in all areas in the middle of WW2. There are many line drawings, photos and illustrations.Trade Catalog, Marine engineering$60
16981Bruner-Ivory Handle Co.Hickory Tool HandlesBruner-Ivory Handle Co.Very good.Hickory Tool Handles, Bruner-Ivory Handle Co., Hicklry and Ash Handles, Hope Arkansas. Illustrations and a price sheet.Trade Catalog, Bruner-Ivory Handle Co., Hope, Arkansas$20
11003Chain Belt CompanyRex Lumber and Pulp Mill Chains Bulletin No. 50-26Chain Belt Company of MilwaukeeVery good with light soiling on the back cover. Has rusty staples.Circa 1950 stapled paperback, 8.5 x 11 inches, with 23 pages and b&w photos. Also comes with Baldwin Rex Price List R.Trade Catalog, Chain Belt, Chain Belt Company, Baldwin Rex$20
15798Cleveland Twist Drill CompanyThe Cleveland Twist Drill Company Catalog No. 47Cleveland Twist Drill CompanyVery good. 9 x 11.5 inches, stiff vinyl covers, with many pages of pictures, information, alphabetical and name index.Trade Catalog, Cleveland Twist Drill$20
16987Copper ToolsCopper Tools Hand ToolsCooper ToolsVery good.8.5 x 11 inches, trade catalog for Cooper Tools. There's a Dunlap Industrial Hardware sticker on the front cover.Trade Catalog, Cooper Tools$25
8909Crane Co.Crane Co. Complete Pocket Catalogue Steam Goods. Etc.Crane Co. August 1902, 4x6.5 inches, with 464 pages and many illustrations.Fair to good. Shelfwear and soiling on the covers and spine. One inch dark stain on the front cover. (green cloth) Short crack on the back hinge. Contents very good. No dust wrapper.August 1902 hardback, 4 x 6.5 inches, with 464 pages and many illustrations. Trade catalog.Crane Co., trade catalog, Steam $50
16920Cummingham Manufacturing Co.Cummingham CylindersCummingham Manufacturing Co.Good. Covers have some grease staining8.5 x 11 trade catalog for Cunningham Hydraulic Cylinders.Trade Catalog, Cummingham Hydraulic Cylinders$25
17056Dixon Valve & Coupling CompanyDixon Valve & Coupling Company List Price Catalog DPLY2KDixon Valve & Coupling CompanyGood. Label on the front8.5 x 11 inches with many tables and illustrations. Trade CatalogTrade Catalog, Dixon Valve & Coupuling Company$25
16923DunlapDunlap Industrial Hardware Vol. 15 No. 1DunlapGood. Both covers are stained and worn, page edges are grubby.8.5 x 11 inches with many illustrrations, industrial hardware.Trade Catalog, Dunlap$30
16973Dutton-Lainson Co.Golden Rod Quality ProductsDutton-Lainson Co.Good.Trade Catalog, Dutton-Lainson Co., Hastings, Nebraska. Golden Rod hydraulic pump oilers, Golden Rod Tire Pump, and more. Illustrated pages, 8.5 x 11 inches.Trade Catalog, Dutton-Lainson Co., Hastings, Nebraska$20
11784Electric Controller & Mfg. Co.ECM Accelerator Vol. 1 No. 34Electric Controller & Mfg. Co.Good. There's a rubber stamp on the front, light shelfwear and soiling and a horizontal fold mark. There's one short horizontal tear on the spine and a longer vertical tear along the bottom, right in the spine fold.Electric Controller & Mfg. Co. newsletter. Industrial electronic controlers.Electric Controller & Mfg. Co., Trade catalog$20
16940Emerson Power TransmissionBrowning Bearing CatalogEmerson Power TransmissionVery good. McGuire Beariing Company stamp on the front cover.8.5 x 11 inches with many b&w photos, illustrations, tables and an index, a trade catalog for Browning Bearings.Trade Catalog, Browning Bearings$30
9463Foote BrothersFoote Bros. Gear Products General Catalog No. 204Foote Brothers Fair. Rear hinge cracked. Covers and spine are soiled and worn. Spine is missing a quarter inch chip. Owner's name embossed in gold on front cover.1934 hardback with 663 pages, b&w photos and an index. Foote Bros., trade catalog, Gear Products $25
17059Grubb, Sir HowardAstronomical & Optical Instruments CatalogueSir Howard Grubb, Parsons & CompanyGood. Faint shelf wear.9 x 12 inch Trade Catalog for the Sir Howard Grubb, Parsons & Company with excellent pictures of their products and pictures of installations.Astronomy, Trade Catalog, Sir Howard Grubb$50
11787Hewitt Robins StaffHewitt Robins Trade Catalogs and MagazinesHewitt RobinsGood. All these items have a musty smell -- like an old machine shop. Bulletin No. 140 has a few scrape marks on the front cover.13 trade catalogs, 2 company magazines,1955-1956 in this collection. Bulletin No. 113-A1, Woven Wire Screen Cloth, No. 140, The Main Catalog, No. 141, Conveyor Belting , No. 142, Belt Conveyor Idlers, No. 143, Pulleys, Bearings, Grease Fittings Collars and Couplings, No. 145, Takeups and Holdbacks, No. 146, Rotary Belt Cleaners, No. 147, Belt Conveyor Trippers, 149, Automatic Feeders, No. 151, Belt and Bucket Elevators, S-601, Acid Hose, H-22, "Here's One Belt That Is Fire Resistant!," 1029, Bulk Materials Handling, "Hewitt Robins News Of Industry" for July and Oct.,1956.Hewitt-Robins, Conveyor, Trade Catalog$40
17006Hirsch-Weis Canvas Products CompanyHirsch Weis Original Water BagsHirsch Weis Canvas Products CompanyVery goodA trade catalog page for the Hirsch Weis Canvas Products Co. (formerly Appell's South Aftican Water Bags) 8.5 x 11 inchesTrade Catalog, Hirsch Weis Canvas Products$20
15512HohnerHohner Akkordeons Accordions AccordeonsHohnerGood. Some pages have faint moisture waving/creasing.8 x 11.5 inches, Hohoner Accordion catelog from 1988. Multiple languages. Many color pictures, illustrations and specifications for individual models.Hohner, Trade Catalog, Accordion, Music$25
12480Horton, LewThe Best In The Business Lew Horton Distributing co., INC.Lew HortonGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers.8.5 x 11 inches with many b&w photos and illustrations. A gun and gun supplies catalogArms, Guns, ammunition, trade catalog$20
13073Irwin, Jim & NanciAircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. 2000 - 2001 CatalogAircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.Very good8.5 x 11 inches with many b&w illustrations and an index. A trade catalog of aviation items.Aviation, homebuilt aircraft, Aircraft Spruce, trade catalog$20
13324John A. Roebling's Son Co.Roebing Wire Rope and Fittings (Condensed Edition)John A. Roebling's Son Co.Good. Shelf wear and soiling on the covers. The back cover has a 2 inch scrape mark.4 x 7 inch trade catalog with b&w photos tables and charts of the product.Trade Catalog, Roebling Wire Rope$20
13249KHO Ltd.Mactepckhe KHO Ltd. Artistic Workshop CatelogKHO Ltd.Good. Light shelf wear and creasing on the covers.8.5 x 11.75 inches, a trade catalog for KHO Steel engravers in Russia. Mostly knives. In Russian and EnglishKHO Ltd., gunsmithing, steel engraving, Zlatoust, trade catalog$25

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
13249KHO Ltd.Mactepckhe KHO Ltd. Artistic Workshop CatelogKHO Ltd.Good. Light shelf wear and creasing on the covers.8.5 x 11.75 inches, a trade catalog for KHO Steel engravers in Russia. Mostly knives. In Russian and EnglishKHO Ltd., gunsmithing, steel engraving, Zlatoust, trade catalog$25
15520Ledgerwood, Charles B.Reliable Seeds For 54 Years 1988Self-publishedGood. One spot on the front cover.A 1988 seed catalog. There are line drawings.Reliable Seeds, Trade Catalog, agriculture, ephemera$20
17054Lockwood AviationLockwood Aviation SupplyLockwood AviationVery good.Trade Catalog, Lockwood Aviation. 8.5 x 11 inches with b&w illustrations and drawings.Trade Catalog, Lockwood Aviation supply$25
16968LunkenheimerLunkenheimer Guide For Selecting Valves BoilerMountings and Lubricating DevicesLunkenheimerGood. Hardware Company stamp on the front cover.7.5 x 10.5 inches, multicolored tabbed pages, Lunkenheimer Guide For Selecting Valves BoilerMountings and Lubricating Devices. Circular No. 555.Trade Catalog, Lunkenheimer$20
10848Lyons, James, Editor and PublisherThe American Record Guide Incorporating The American Tape Guide May, 1955, Volume 25, Number 9James LyonsGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers.May 1959 25th Year of Publication Special Silver Jubilee Issue, stapled paperback, with 143 pages (numbered 563-706) and ads.Music, American Record Guide, American Tape guide, Trade Catalog$25
12058Macmillan Ward Ostwald, Inc.Blue Lodge R.A.M. R. & S.M. January 1978 Fraternal Costumes and SuppliesMacmillan Ward Ostwald, Inc.Good. Light shelf wear and soiling.Fraternal costumes for Masons and other orders.Freemasonry, Scottish Rite, trade catalog$20
14945Manning, Maxwell & More, Inc.Proposal Manning, Maxwell & More, Inc.Manning, Maxwell & More, Inc.Fair to good. The front cover has writing, soiling, staples and a smoke mark. The top of the back cover has a smoke mark.8.5 x 11.75 inches, a proposal from Manning, Maxwell & Moore of Muskegon, Mich., for the $28,000 installation of a Shaw-Box Crane. Literature is stapled in.Shaw-Box Cranes, trade catalog, industrial equipment.$30
16788Martin Sprocket & GearMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc., Catalog 60Martin Sprocket & GearGood. A bearing co. sticker on the front cover.8 x 11 inches with many tables. B&w photos and drawings and an index.Trade Catalog, Martin Sprocket & Gear$30
No Image

16905McMaster-CarrMcMaster-Carr Supply CompanyMcMaster-CarrGood. Writing and soiling on the front cover. Some soiling and creasing on pages.McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply catalog. 7 x 10 x 3 inches.McMaster-Carr, Trade Catalog, hardware.$35
16936Millers Falls CompanyMillers Falls Tools Trade Catalog(s)Millers FallsGood. One rusty staple.8.5 x 11 inches, 3 hole punched, page one starts with planes and finishes with a no. 200 saw punch. Millers Falls Machinists and Precision Tools , January 12, 1948, and is 10 pages long.Millers Falls, Trade Catalog$20
12771Montgomery WardPhotographic Catalog Montgomery Ward 1950Montgomery WardFair to good. The front cover has stains and crease marks. Indentation marks on the top of most pages.7.75 x 11 inches, Montgomery Wards Photographic Catalog for 1950 with great illustrations of all the period cameras and darkroom equipment.Photography, Montgomery Ward, trade Catalog$25
16922Morse Borg WarnerMORSE Stock POWER TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS SP-69Morse Borg WarnerVery good8.5 x 11 inches with many photos, illustrations, tables, charts and an index.Trade Catalog, Morse Borg Warner$25
16904MRC Bearing ServicesMRC Engineering HandbookMRC Bearing ServicesGood. Light shelf wear.8.5 x 11 inch catalog of bearing computation.SKF USA, Trade Catalog, MRC Engineering$40
11785NASCONASCO Catalog No. 20 1952-1953NASCOGood. The bottom of the spine has wear.NASCO stands for National Agricultural Supply Co., Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Supplies for Vo-Ag Instructors, County Agents, Extension Specialists, etc.Trade Catalog, NASCO, National Agricultural Supply Co., Agriculture$20
12677Neidig, Kenneth, and John M. Christie, editorsThe Instrumentalist Proudly Presents Its Publications, Awards and BookThe InstrumentalistVery good.6 x 9 inches, a trade catalog for The Instrumentalist company, with b&w and color photos and illustrations for music school items.Trade Catalog, The Instrumentalist, music supplies.$20
15092Perkins MarinePerko Catalog No. 225Perkins MarineGood. Light shelf wear, soiling and fading to the covers.Trade Catalog, Perko, Perkins Marine lamp and hardware corporationTrade Catalog, Perko, Perking Marine, Miami, Florida$20
17005Permatex Company1951 Permatex Chemical ProductsPermatex CompanyVery good8.5 x 11 inch catalog inserts for Permatex chemical products.Trade Catalog, Permatex Company, automotive, ephemera$20
12133Peters, C. F.Peters Edition Vocal Music Choral Music Organ Music 1957 CatalogueC. F. Peters CorporationGood. Light shelf wear, soiling and rusty staples.3.5 x 7 inch catalogue of sheet music.Sheet Music, Trade Catalog, C. F. Peters$20
12358Reeves Pulley Co.Reeves Trade CatalogsReeves Pulley Co.Good. Faintly musty. One smaller catalog has water damage on the top of 8 pages.Seven 8 x 10 catalogs from the Reeves Pully Co.. Number 99, Variable Speed Transmission from 1932 also has a price list. The rest of the catalogs are from the late 1940s. There are many b&w photos and illustrations.Trade Catalogs, Reeves Pully Company$50
15359RevellRevel 1978 CatalogRevellGood. Some creasing and scraper marks on the covers8.5 x 11 inch Revell catelog, 'world's largest manufacturer of model kits.'Trade Catalog, Revell$20
16941Rexnord Corp.Rex Power Transmission and Conveying ComponentsRexnord Corp.Good. Soiling and creasing, Label on front coverTrade Catalog, Rex. There are many illustrations, tables and more.Trade Catalog, Rexnord$20
12347Rising Paper CompanyThe Paper Catalog Southern-Western StatesRising Paper CompanyGood. Faint shelf wear on the covers.6 x 9 inches, a trade catalog for the Rising Paper Company, Housatonic, Massachusetts. There are lists of paper companies, their products and interesting ads.Paper Companies, Rising Paper Company, trade catalog$20
15667Rogers, Thurman & Co.Rogers, Thurman & Co. Jewelry Catalog Circa 1914Rogers, Thurman & Co.Fair. Spine is chipped, corners of covers are worn, some short tears inside.9 x 12 inches, faux leather, catalog for jewelry, silverware, watchs, clocks and more. There are many line drawing illustrations. Also included, with torn pages, is a 17 page Special Bulletin Number 20 soliciting new business.Trade catalog, Rogers, Thurman and Company, Chicago, Illinois$50
11008RyersonAlloy Steel Reference Book Second EditionJoseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc.Very good with light shelf wear. Title page has a short tear and some creasing on the top. There is a rubber "engineering dept." stamp on the back page.1947 3 ring binder, hardback (Stiff leatherette), 6 x 9.5 inches, with 314 pages and an index.Trade Catalog, Alloy Steel, Ryerson, reference$20
8921Ryerson, Joseph T.Ryerson Steels 1949 + 1950Ryerson SteelsGood to very good with light shelf wear.1949 spiral bound paperback , 4.5x8.5 inches with 240 pages. Thumb tab, b&w photos and illustrations. Trade catalog.Ryerson Steels, steel, trade catalog$20

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
14955Sargent, E. H.E. H. Sargent & Co. Catalog 113E. H. Sargent & Co.Good. Covers and spine have some soiling.7.5 by 11 inches, nearly seven pounds, a catalog of scientific laboratory instruments/apparatus supplies/chemicals with many photos and an index.Trade catalog, E. H. Sargent & Co.$60
15757Schwinn Bicycle CompanySchwinn Bicycles 76Schwinn Bicycle CompanyGood. Light shelf wear.5.5 x 8.5 inches, the Schwinn bicycle catalog for 1976 with many color pictures.Trade Catalog, Schwinn Bicycle Company$30
17071Sering Sawmill Machinery Co.48" Log Turner ManualSering Sawmill Machinery Co.Fair. Covers are soiled.The Sering Sawmill Machinery's 48" Log Turner Manual. There are multiple tables, charts and technical information sheets.Trade Catalog, Sering Sawmill Machinery$25
16969SKFSKF General CatalogSKFGood. Some soiling and creasing on the covers and page edges. Business sticker on the front cover.8.5 x 11 inches with many images/illustrations of bearings. There's an index.Trade Catalog, SKF Bearings$30
.16901Snap-OnSnap-On Catalog 600Snap-OnGood. Front cover worn and soiled a bit. There's also a label8 x 10.5 catalog of tools and equipment.Snap-On, trade catalog, tools$25
No Image

16902Snap-OnSnap-On Catalog 800Snap-OnGood. Front cover worn, creased and soiled a bit. The 1st 2 pages have a brown stain.8 x 10.5 catalog of tools and equipment.Snap-On, trade catalog, tools$20
13169Solly, CecilSolly's Flower Book Annual Flowers Puget Sound Seed Co.Good. Light shelf wear.6 x 9 inches with many b&w photos of flowers. Signed...Horticulturally, Cecil Solly in green ink.Washington State, horticulture, flowers, trade catalog$50
15727SpiegelSpiegel Fall and Winter 1966SpiegelGood. Light shelf wear.9 x 13 inches, b&w and color illustrations and an index.Trade Catalog, Spiegel$50
14943StaffCox Machinery Co.Cox Machinery Co.Good. Light shelf wear. Light fading on the spine.8.25 x 11.25 inches, a 1963 trade catalog fo Cox Machinery Co in Washington state. Construction, Industrial and logging. Many pictures of heavy equipment.Trade Catalog, Cox Machinery Co., Washington State, Automotive$45
17000StaffThe Toledo Pressed Steel Co.The Toledo Pressed Steel Co.Very good.The Toledo Pressed Steel Co., 'The Sure way to Safety' Use Toledo TorchesThe Toledo Pressed Steel Co., trade catalog, Toledo Torches$20
17009StaffDodge PT Components Engineering CatalogDodge Rockwell AutomationGood. Some soiling and creasing on the covers and page edges.Trade Catalog, Dodge PT Components. Power transfer. 7 x 9 inches with many tables and illustrations.Trade Catalog, Dodge Power Transfer Components$20
17019StaffWeldwood GlueUnited States Plywood CorporationVery good.2 8.5 x 11 inch trade catalog pages for Weldwood GlueUnited States Plywood Corporation, Trade Catalog, Weldwood Glue$20
17029StaffWood Construction Connectors C-2006Simpson Strong-tieGood. Small crease on the front cover.8.5 x 11 inches, a Trace Catalog for Simpson Strong-Tie wood construction. There are many Illustrations. Alphabetical Index in front.Trade Catalog, Simpson Strong-Tie$20
16975Star Anchoring And Drilling DevicesStar Anchoring And Drilling Devices For fastening To MasonryStar Anchoring And Drilling DevicesVery good.8.5 x 11 inches, Trade Catalog, Star Anchoring and Drilling Devices. There are product illustrations and tables.Trade Catalog, Star Anchoring Devices$20
6484Stearns Magnetic Mfg. Co.Stearns Magnetic Separators Type "M" and "AM"Stearns Magnetic Mfg. Co. Good. Some rusty staples.Circa 1940 8.5 X 11 3 ring note book with several Stearns bulletins, b&w photos. Industrial sized magnets for mining and industry. Stiff plastic covers.Stearns Magnetic Mfg. Co. , Corporate history, magnetic separators, trade catalog$20
16851Sun Country RV Inc.2001 RV Parts & Accessories CatalogSun Country RVGood. Covers have shelf wear.8.25 x 10.75 inch catalog of RV supplies in 2001. Mostly color illustrations.Recreation Vehicle, Trade Catalog, Sun Country RV$20
14994Sunnen Products CompanyHoning Seminar ManualSunnen Products CompanyGood.8 x 11 inches, comb binding, Sunnen Honing Supplies Trade catalog. Honing Stones, mandrels and accessories. There are many b&w photos and illustrations.Trade Catalog, Sunnen Products, Honing$20
16977The Allen Manufacturing CompanyAllen List PricesThe Allen Manufacturing CompanyVery good.8.5 x 11 inches, a trade catalog for Allen Hex-Socket Screws. There are tables and illustrations.Trade Catalog, The Allen Manufacturing Company$20
16103The Coast Connection1997 Coast Connection RV Parts & Accessories CatalogThe Coast ConnectionGood. Front cover has a 1 inch by 2.5 inch deep scrape. Light shelf wear and creasing.8.25 x 10.75 with many illustrations and an index. All the parts you needed for RVs in 1997 and earlier.Recreation vehicle, Automotive, trade catalog$25
11212The Electro Importing Co.Wireless & Electrical Cyclopedia Catalog No. 20The Electro Importing Co.Good to very good. The bottom corner of the front cover has a crease as do the first few pages. Light soiling.This is a 5 x 6.75 inch fascimile of the original electronics catalog. Early radio. Radio, Early radio history. Trade catalog.$35
13469The Gates Rubber Co.V-Belt Drives For Light Machinery DH-600The Gates Rubber Co.Good.8.5 x 11 inches with b&w photos, many tables and other information. Design data for single strand drives.Trade Catalog, The Gates Rubber Company$20
10997The Ridge Tool CompanyRidgid Work-Saver Pipe ToolsThe Ridge Tool CompanyVery good. The staples are rusty.Circa 1950 8.5 x 11 inch stapled paperback with 16 pages and b&w photos.Trade Catalog, The Ridge Tool Company, Pipe wrench$20
13452Tractor Implement Supply Co.Tractor and Implement Parts and AccessoriesTractor Implement Supply Co.Good. Soiling on both covers.8.5 x 11 inches, a trade catalog for the Tractor Implement Supply Co., TISCO, with many photos and illustrations of parts for tractors of the period.TISCO, Trade Catalog, Agriculture, Automotive, Tractor$20
12008Trailer Equipment Distributors Inc.Trailer Equipment Distributors Inc.Trailer Equipment Distributors Inc.Fair to good. Covers and page edges have wear and soiling. Page tips have some creasing.8.5 x 11 inches with many photos/illustrations and an index. Everything you need for your RV in the 1970s.Recreation Vehicle, Trade Catalog$20
11004Western Insulated Wire Co.Bronco Insulated Electrical Cords & Cables Catalog 501 Second EditionWestern Insulated Wire Co.Good. Rusty staples. Small water stain on the bottom of the first 8 pages.Circa 1950 Stapled paperback, 8.5 x 11 inches, with 24 pages and b&w illustrations. Trade CatalogTrade Catalog, Western Insulated Wire Company$20

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
8827Wright, Agnes FosterFloors Furniture & ColorArmstrong Cork Company Fair to good. Bottom 1 inch of the paper spine is missing. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers, contents very good. No dust wrapper.1924 7.5x10.5 inches hardback, with 48 pages, b&w and color illustrations.Armstrong Cork Company, trade catalog, flooring$20
6991Youngstown Sheet And Tube CompanyThe Youngstown Sheet And Tube Company Youngstown Buckeye ConduitSelf Published Youngstown Sheet And Tube CompanyVery good. With light shelf wear and soiling. Sales rep card stapled inside, owner's name in ink.1954 8th edition , stiff fiber covers, with 165 pages, b&w photos and an index.Youngstown Sheet And Tube Company, Youngstown, Ohio, Buckeye Conduit, trade catalog$20

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