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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
16769 Dennison, Charles GOrthodox Presbyterian Church, 1936-1986Committee for the Historian of the Orthodox Presbyterian ChurchVery good. In a good dust wrapper that has soiling and wear.8.5 x 11 inches, The Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the United States. There are many b&w photos. Religion, Christianity, Orthodox Presbyterian Church$30
9498??The Story of the Bible Told by Living Writers of Authority Library edition in Two VolumesWm. H. Wise & Co. 1953 2 vols., 8 X 11 inches, with many color and b&w illustrations. 8 + lbs.Good. Light shelf wear, soiling on the spines and covers.Religion, The BibleReligion, Christianity, Bible, history$25
11150Al-GhazzaliThe Alchemy of HappinessAshraf Publication Very good.Al-Ghazzali was Muslim theologian and mystic of Persian origin. This book contains eight sections of an abridgment of his book "Ihya." There are eight pages of ads for other publications in back.Islam, Sufism, Religion, Al-Ghazzali$20
12127Amneus, Nils A.Does Chance Or Justice rule Our Lives?American Section, Theosophical SocietyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers.An early or first edition of "Does Chance Or Justice....."Theosophy, Religion$20
9982Anderson, Walter as told to Meredity CarlsonWith God on the Dog Team TrailKregel PublicationsVery good1986 paperback with 46 pages. Autobiography, Walter Anderson, religion, Candle, Alaska, Dog teams.Walter Anderson, religion, Candle, Alaska, Dog teams$20
9983Anderson, Walter as told to Meredity CarlsonWith God on the Dog Team TrailKregel PublicationsVery good 1986 paperback with 46 pages. Autobiography, Walter Anderson, religion, Candle, Alaska, Dog teams. Walter Anderson, religion, Candle, Alaska, Dog teams$20
13143anonCologne Cathedral A Descriptive And Historical Guide With Numerous IllustrationsHoursch & BechstedtGood. Covers have some soiling and wear. Tips of some page corners are creased.4.75 x 8.25 inches, b&w photos of pre-WW2 Cologne CathedralCologne Cathedral, Germany, religion$20
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11651Anon.Presbyterian Pioneers A History Of Early Pioneers Of Presbyterian Church MembersTowner Presbyterian ChurchGood. This is a stapled brochure and the first 6 pages didn't get stapled. Light shelf wear and soiling. Stains on the front cover.A history of families, ministers and staff of the Towner North Dakota Presbyterian church.Religion, North Dakota, Towner, Towner Presbyterian Church$25
11236Armet, J. T., and Paul WilsonNotes on the Tabernacle With Black and White Sketches and Full Color Pictures Supplement: The Feasts of the Lord (An outline of Leviticus 23)Bible Truth PublishersVery good. One word has yellow high lighter. No dust wrapper. Religion, Tabernacle$20
11237Asher, CashTruth Is No TyrantScience Of Spiritual Law Publishing CompanyVery good. No dust wrapper. Religion, New age?Religion, New Age$20
13969Atef, NaiimA Pastor from Egypt Stories from the Life and Ministry of Dr. Rev. Menes Abdul NoorSelf publishedVery good. Light shelf wear.An Egyptian Christian pastorReligion, biography, Dr. Rev. Menes Abdul Noor, Christianity$20
14599Atter, Gordon F.The Third ForceThe College PressGood. Faint shelf wear. No dust wrapper.The meaning of Pentecostal. There are many b&w photos and an index.Religion, Pentecostal$40
12715AuthorsThe Self-Pronouncing S.S. Teachers' Combinatiion BibleJ. R. JonesGood. Owner's presentation information in ink inside and in gold, rubbed out, on the front cover. No dust wrapper.4.75 x 6.5 leather binding with illustrations and maps. Gilt-edged pages.Bible, religion$20
16343Barrett, E. BoydThe Jesuit EnigmaBoni & LiverightGood. Light soiling on the covers. Spine a bit faded. Owner's name inside. Last page has tears in a non-text area.Catholicism, The Jesuits.Religion, Catholicism, Jesuit.$50
16338Bates, Ernest Sutherland, Ph.D.Mary Baker Eddy The Truth And The TraditionAlfred A. KnopfVery good. Owner's name inside. No dust wrapper.A biography of Mary Baker Eddy. There are b&w plates, appendices and an index.Religion, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy$200
5625Battelle, L. G.Pilgrims of Grace 1796 - 1867Methodist Publishing House Good. Shelf wear, sun fading bottom of the front cover and spine, lightly bumped corners.1949 with 330 pages, b&w photos and a membership list. Grace Methodist Church, Dayton , Ohio, History. Religion Grace Methodist Church, Dayton , Ohio, History, Methodism,Religion $20
16347Benoit, HubertThe Supreme Doctrine Psychological Studies in Zen ThoughtPantheonVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Zen. There's an epilogue and an index. Forward by Aldous HuxleyZen, religion$30
15141Bernard, Dr. R.W.Volume One Of The Essene-Jesus-Apollonius Series The Dead Sea Scrolls And The Life of the Ancient EssenesHealth ResearchGood. Staple marks8.5 x 11 inches, 38 stapled pages on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The last few pages are lists of Health Research publications.Religion, Dead Sea Scrolls$30
16586Bier, Philip N.the quest for Shar-i-sabsDorrance Publishing Co., Inc.Fine. In a very good dust wrapper.A fictionalized retelling of the spiritual journey of the Mennonites eastward from Prussia to Czarist Russia. Author inscription on the title page.Religion, Mennonites$20
16459Bill, Annie C.Science, Evolution, And Immortality A. A. BeauchampGood. Inside front cover, front free end paper (back side as well), covered with notes in ink. The back free end paper is covered with notes in ink as well. Owner's name in ink on the title page. Spine and covers have wear and soiling. Occasional underlining. No dust wrapper.Christian Science...religion, philosophy.Religion, Christian Science$35
16384Billington, Ray AllenThe Protestant Crusade 1800-1860Rinehart & Company, Inc.Very good. Customer's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.The Protestant Crusade 1800-1860. There's an extensive bibliography and an index.Religion, Christianity, Protestant Crusade$40
16287Bixler, Julius SeelyeReligion In The Philosophy Of William JamesMarshall Jones CompanyGood. Faint shelf wear and soiling. Owner's name and the date in ink.Philosophy, religion and William James. The author signature is on the title page.Philosophy, Religion, William James$40
14567Blavatsky, H. P.Theosophy and EducationTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 35. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
14568Blavatsky, H. P.Memory in the DyingTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 25. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
14570Blavatsky, H. P.Truth In Modern LifeTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 17. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
14570Blavatsky, H. P.Truth In Modern LifeTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 17. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
14576Blavatsky, H. P.The Origin Of EvilTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDGood. A few faint specks on the front cover.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 26. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
14577Blavatsky, H. P.Kosmic MindTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good. U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 20. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
15817Blavatsky, H. P.What Are The Theosoophists Some Words On Daily LifeTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 22. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
15820Blavatsky, H. P.The Dual Aspect of Wisdom Who Possess Knowledge?Theosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 32. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
15998Blavatsky, H. P.The Great Master's LetterTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDGood.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 33. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
No Image

16841Blavatsky, H. P.Index To The Secret DoctrineThe Theosophy CompanyGood. Faint soiling. No dust wrapper.TheosophyReligion, Theosophy$25
15819Blavatsky, H. P. and W. Q. JudgeReincarnation, Memory, HeredityTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 9. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
12851Brownless, BasilThe Story of Lunenburg's Most Historic Church The 250-year History of St. John's Anglican ChurchSelf publishedGood. Brown spots on the front cover near the spine. Contents are very good. A previous owner's 4 lines of ink inside on one page.8.5 x 11 with b&w and color photos, a history of the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia St. John's Anglican Church and the fire that destroyed it.Religion, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, St John's Anglican Church$20
16396Bryson, Lyman, editorPerspectives On A Troubled Decade: Science, Philosophy, and Religion, 1939-1949 Tenth SymposiumHarper & BrothersGood. Spine has some discoloring. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.History, Science, philosophy and religion during 1939-1949. There's an index.History, Science, philosophy, religion$20
16727Bryson, Lyman, editorFoundations Of World Organization: A Political and Cultural Appraisal Eleventh SymposiumHarper & BrothersGood. Spine has some discoloring. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.History, Science, philosophy and religion during 1939-1949. There's an index.History, Science, philosophy, religion$20
16708Bryson, Lyman, Louis Finkelstein, Hudson hoagland and R. M. Maciver, editorsSymbols and Society Fourteenth Symposium Of The Conference on Science, Philosophy and ReligionHarper & BrothersGood. Owner's name in ink inside.Philosophy, science and religion. There's a few b&w photos and an index.Philosophy, Religion$25
10424Campagna, Bob editorSt. Patrick's Church Cedar Rapids, Iowa One Hundred Year Celebration 1886 - 1986Abbe Creek PressGood. The top corner of the book is lightly creased. Light soiling on the covers.1986 stapled 8.5 X 11 paperback with b&w photos.Religion, Catholicism, St. Patrick's Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa $20
14279Carlson, GordonSeventy-Five Years History Columbia Baptist ConferenceColumbia Baptist ConverenceVery good. Slightly musty. No dust wrapper.History of the Columbia Baptist Conference, 1889-1964 in Washington and Oregon. There are many b&w photos and an index.Religion, Baptist, Washington State, Oregon, Columbia Baptist Conference$25
12060Carlsson, C. P.I Palmernas Skugga En Halsning Fran Stjarnbanerets LandSelf-Published?Good. Light shelf wear, soiling and fading on the covers. Some pages have light soiling and fold marks. No dust wrapper.A history of Swedish Baptists in the United states? There are many b&w photos.Religion, Baptist, Swedish-American$25
12293Cass, J.f.The Child Life And Other Phases and Features of LifeMason & RoppmanGood. Light bumping and wear on the covers and spine. No dust wrapper.Philosophy, religion, youth? There are 3 b&w photos. One, a real photograph of the author, a picture of a youthful boy and one a picture of the Ottawa River "...above and near the long Sault Rapids.Philosophy, Religion$20
11161Cassidy, JosephMexico Land of Mary's WondersSt. Anthony Guild PressGood. The covers have light shelfwear and soiling. The previous owner has two lines of ink inside. There's a check mark in the margin of page 184 and several on the map. No dust wrapper.Catholic Shrines in Mexico. There are many b&w photos and illustrations. There is also a two page map and a selected bibliography in back.Religion, Catholicism, Mary, Mexico$50
12898Center For Religious FreedomThe Rise Of Hindu Extremism and the Repression of Christian and Muslim Minorities in IndiaCenter For Religious FreedonVery good. Small, white scrape mark on the spine.Hindu extremism in India against Christians and Moslems by the BJP party. There are several b&w photos and eight appendicies.Religion, Hindu, Christianity, Moslem, Islam, politics, BJP Party$40
12665Christ Church Kororareka Russell StaffChrist Church Kororareka Russell Bay Of Islands, New ZealandChrist Church Kororareka RussellVery good.8.5 x 5.25 inches stapled brochure on Christ church Kororareka Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand with sepia photos.Christ church Kororareka Russell, Bay Of Islands, new Zealand, religion$20
11575Clark, Clara B.Sleepy Time TalesThe Gospel Publishing HouseGood. Owner's name inside. There are some very faint moisture stains on several pages.Children's stories with a religious theme. There are b&w photos and illustrations.Religion, juvenile literature$20
11172Clark, F. B.VirgiliaL. B. C. Luthran Book ConcernGood. Covers are slightly cocked and show some wear, soiling and bumping, particularily on the corners. There's a small ink stamp inside and the pages are yellowing. Religious fictionReligion, Lutheran, fiction$20
14384Cloud, David W.Has the Southern Baptist Convention Been Rescued from Liberalism?Bethel Baptist ChurchVery good.Southern Baptist Convention controversy.Baptist, Religion, SBC$20
16101Cobb, Sanford H.The Rise of Religious Liberty In America A HistoryThe Macmillan CompanyGood. Covers have some minor soiling. Missing front free endpaper, owner's name in ink. Occasional pencil marks in the margins.Religious liberty in America. There's a large index.Religion, history$25
12003Cross, Rev. Jos., edited by Thos. O. SummersThe Hebrew Missionary: Essays, Exegetical and Practical, On The Book of Noah.Publishing House of the M. E. Church, South.Good. Covers and spine have some wear and soiling.This 4 x 6 inch book is a commentary on the book of Jonah in the Old Testament. There's a frontis. map and an illustration of the home of the prophet on the mound of Nebbi YunusReligion, Christianity, Jonah, Commentary$30
8692Cushing, Josiah NelsonChrist and BuddhaAmerican Baptist Publication Society Good. Covers are a bit soiled and stained. Corners are a little worn. Library/book plate inside (no spine markings), Owner's 3 line name and address inside. Remains of a date due sheet in back. No dust wrapper. 1907 with 160 pages and an index. Religion, Christianity, Buddhism, India. Religion, Christianity, Buddhism$20

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
15841Dahl, Bjarne JohnSeek Ye First The KingdomSelf-publishedVery good. In a very good dust wrapper.A sermon....Religion$20
16337Dakin, Edwin FrangdenMrs. Eddy The Biography of a Virginal MindCharles Scribner's SonsVery good. Owner's name inside. No dust wrapper.A biography of Mary Baker Eddy. There's a b&w frontis, extensive bibliography and an index.Religion, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy$25
13489Danford, Rev. S. A., Ph. DHoliness Bible ReadingsThe Christian Witness Co.Good. Light shelf wear. Pencil writing on the front free endpaper.4 x 5 inch book of holiness bible readings.Religion, Holiness$20
16694Davis, Howard and KathrynMissionary Illustrations For ministers, Teachers, And All Christian WorkersCentral Japan MissionGood. Title and spine lettering flaking a bit.Missionary stories.Religion, Missionary$30
16313De Lamennais, Abbe F.Essay On Indifference In Matters Of ReligionJohn MacqueenGood. Occasional spotting on the pages.Catholicism, ReligionCatholicism, Religion$40
13102DePasquale, JamesDestined To SurviveSelf-publishedGood. Covers have some soiling.The autobiography of a Lebanese Christian who immigrated to the United States. He flew P-47s in the air force. There are many scriptual references. Inscribed and dated by the author.Autobiography, Lebanese-American, Religion$25
16370Ellis, John TracyThe Life Of James Cardinal Gibbons Archbishop of Baltimore 1834-1921The Bruce Publishing CompanyVery good. Owner's name in ink in both volumes. No dust wrapper.The Life Of James Cardinal Gibbons Archbishop of Baltimore 1834-1921. There are numerous illustrations. There's an extensive index in volume 2.Religion, Catholicism, James Cardinal Gibbons$30
8400Fell, Doris ElaineGive Me This MountainWycliffe Bible Translators Good with light shelf wear. No dust wrapper.Wycliffe Bible Translators 1975 with 93 pages, illustrations and a map. Missionaries in Chiapas, MexicoWycliffe Bible Translators, Religion, Missionaries, Chiapas, Mexico$16
14325Ferre, GeorgeStanding By And Other Temple SermonsConference PressGood. Top and bottom of spine have some wear. No dust wrapper.Sermons by George Ferre, minister, The Swedish Temple, Boston.Religion, sermons.$35
16557Gaddis, Rev. Maxwell PiersonBrief Recollections Of The Late Rev. George W. WalkerSwormstedt & PoeGood. Sturdy, amateur rebinding. Spine lettering scraped. No dust wrapper. Occasional brown staining.Ohio frontier preacher.Religion, Ohio, history$40
9251Galvin, John with Frank AllnuttSalvation For A Doomed Zoomie A True StoryAllnutt Publishing Very good. In a poor, worn, scraped and chipped dust wrapper.1983 hardback, inscribed by the author, with 272 pages, notes and photos. Autobiography of John Galvin, WW2, WWII, USN, Aviation, Submarine USS Harder, USS Bunker Hill, F6F Hellcat, Joe Foss. ISBN 0934374015 Religion.Autobiography, John Galvin, WW2, WWII, USN, Aviation, Submarine, USS Harder, USS Bunker Hill, F6F, Hellcat, Joe Foss Religion$20
10694Gercke, Daniele JacoboStatuta Dioecesis TucsonensisF. H. Keddington Co.Good. Cracked hinges. Holding. No dust wrapper.1929 hardback with 35 pages, in Latin, regulations for Catholic Priests in the Tuscon Diocese. A pastoral letter from the Bishop of Tucson is included.Religion, Catholicism, Tucson, Arizona$30
12032Gillis, JamesFalse ProphetsThe Extension PressVery good. Light shelf wear.The false prophets are George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, Sigmund Freud, Conan Doyle, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ernst Haeckel, Mark Twain and Anatole France.Religion, False Prophets$20
10275Godbey, Rev. W. B., A. M.Jesus Is ComingPentecostal Herald PressFair to good. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers and spine. The back cover has a 2/3 inch long, 1/8 inch chipped area in the middle of the front edge. There are minor stains near the spine on both the front and rear end papers. Pages are browning. No dust jacket.1901 hardback, 4.25 X 6.35 inch, with 101 pages and three pages of ads. Religion. Conservative Protestant Christianity, Holiness, Sanctification..Religion, Conservative Protestant Christianity, Holiness, Sanctification..$25
10958Gorrie, Rev. P. DouglassThe Lives of Eminent Methodist Ministers; Containing Biographical Sketches, Incidents, Anecdotes, Records Of Travel, Reflections, &cThe Keystone Publishing Co.Fair to good. Covers and spine have wear and soiling. The top and bottom the spine are lightly frayed. Bottom corners are bumped. Both hinges are cracked but holding. Previous oweners have both ink and pencil names. No dust wrapper.1889 hardback with 408 pages and ads.Religion, Christianity, Methodist, history$40
11443Graebner, TheodoreIs Masonry a Religion? An Analysis of FreemasonryConcordia Publishing HouseGood. Very good except for 4 pages with ink underlining.Anti-freemasonry. 4.5 x 7 inch stapled paperback.Freemasonry, Mason, Religion$45
12714Graves, J. R. The New Great Iron Wheel An Examination Of The New M. E. Church South Baptist Sunday School CommitteeGood. The covers have wear and soiling. The spine lettering has faded. There are a few small rubber stamps from the previous owner. Page edges have some soiling, and the pages have some rippling. No dust wrapper.There's a frontis picture of the author. An examination of the new M. E. Church South, in a series of letters addressed to Bishop McTyrire. Methodist Episcopal SouthMethodist, Religion, history$30
7092Grimm, Dr. HilmarCentennial History Of Christ Lutheran Church Bexley, Ohio 1978Pfeifer Printing Co. 1978, signed by Grimm, 8.5 X 11 inches with 133 pages and b&w photos.Very good. No dust wrapper.Centennial History Of Christ Lutheran Church Bexley, Ohio 1978Religion, history, Lutheran, Christ Lutheran Church, Bexley, Ohio$18
No Image

11966Hanna, William HerbertThomas Campbell Seceder and Christian Union AdvocateCollege Press Publishing CompanyVery good. Light soiling on the covers. no dust wrapper.A biography of Thomas Campbell, 1763 - 1854, Presbyterian from England who moved to the US and started the more conservative Restoration Movement and Desciples of Christ.Religion, Christianity, Restoration Movement, Desciples of Christ, Thomas Campbell$20
7784Hargrove, H.H.Personalities Around The CrossBaker Book House 1963 with 138 pages. Inscribed by the author.Good. With faint shelf wear on the bottom of the spine. Owner's name and date in ink inside. In a fair dust wrapper that has several tears and some creasing.Non-fiction, ReligionNon-fiction, Religion$14
No Image

14100Harmon, The Reverend Kendall S.A Deeply Disturbing Document: A Comprehensive Critique of the Episcopal Church Curriculum Sexuality: A Divine GiftSelf-publishedVery good.Stapled booklet, Reverend Kendall S. Harmon's anti -LGBT response to a church document.Religion, Anglican, Episcopal, anti LGBT$25
10259Harnish, Lindsay DruckNew Danville Church Community Heritage 1717 - 1992New Danville Mennonite ChurchGood. Some scraping on the front cover, light soiling on both covers.1992 paperback with 213 pages, b&w photos, notes and bibliography. Religion, history, New Danville Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Religion, history, New Danville Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania$20
16399Hartshorne, CharlesReality As Social Process Studies In Metaphysics And ReligionThe Free PressGood. Spine is a little faded/soiled. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Reality As Social Process Studies In Metaphysics And Religion. There's an index. From the Phoenix SeriesMetaphysics, religion$60
16335Haushalter, Walter M.Mrs. Eddy Purloins From HegelA. A. BeauchampVery good. Faint shelf wear. Owner's name and address. No dust wrapper.Anti Christian Science. Included is an interesting 1937 letter from Herbert Willoughby Eustace who replies to a Mrs. Carroll, that Mrs. Eddy's doctrine was from Christ and not from Hegel. Also included is a typed copy of a review of the book in "The Christian Century." Mr. Eustace was excommunicated from the church in 1922.Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, Hegel, religion$75
16542Hayes, Carlton J. H.Christianity and Western CivilizationStanford University PressVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper."...Being the Raymond Fred West Memorial Lectures At Stanford University April 5-7, 1954"Christianity, religion$30

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
14093Hoekema, Anthony A.A New English Translation of The Canons Of DortCalvin Theological JournalGood. Some soiling on both covers. A vertical crease on both covers and contents.The Canons of Dort.Religion, the canons of Dort$20
8369Hoffman, Horace R.One Hundred years Of Methodism In Easton, Penna. A History Of the First Methodist Episcopal Church 1831 1931Mack Printing Company Good with light shelf wear top and bottom of the spine. No dust wrapper. Two 3 line owner's inscriptions inside.1931 hardback with 50 pages and b&w photos. Religion, Religious History, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Easton, Pennsylvania, Formerly Known As The Second Street methodist Episcopal Church. Religion, Religious History, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Easton, Pennsylvania, The Second Street methodist Episcopal Church $25
16804Holt, SimmaTerror in the name Of God The Story of the Sons of Freedom DoukoborsMcClelland and Stewart LimitedGood. Ink inscription. Some soiling and shelf wear. Creasing on early pages.End-paper maps, b&w photos and an index.Canada, British Columbia, religion, Doukhobors$35
11923Howson, Rev. J. S., D.D.The Bohlen Lectures 1880 The Evidential Value of the Acts Of The ApostlesE. P. Dutton And CompanyVery good. Light shelfwear. No dust wrapper.The Acts of the Apostles.Religion, Christianity, Acts of Apostles$20
11090Hughes, Frank C.Letters and Essays of a Pope by His Holiness Frank C. Hughes Pope of the Bad Lands Specialist in Politics, Religion, Legal Affairs, Oil wells, Contract Bridge, Blood Pressure, Weight Reduction for Fat Women, and Stove RepairsSelf PublishedFair. Both covers have wear and soiling. The front cover has moisture waves/creasing and a small owner's name stamp. The back cover has a large moisture stain and a light vertical crease. There are occasional notes in pencil.1953 stapled paperback with 67 pages. Irreverent anti-religion. Humor.Anti-religion, humor$50
12036Hughes, Robert H., editorPacific Christian Advocate, 23 issues from April, 1911, to February, 1912Pacific Christian AdvocateMost issues have some tears and chipping as well as rusty staples, occasional light moisture stains and penciling. The Pacific Christian Advocate, 23 issues from April 1911 to February 1912. Robert H. Hughes, editor. 8 x 11.75 inches with 31 pages. First published in Portland OR in 1855 by the Methodist Church, ceased in 1930. OR, WA, ID states covered, secular and religious. Foreign missisonary reports. Interesting ads -- everything from church bells to baking powder.Pacific Christian Advocate, Religion, Methodist, Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, missionaries$30
11969Humble, Bill J.Campbell And ControversyCollege Press Publishing Co.Fine. No dust wrapper. The Story Of Alexander Campbell's Great Debates With Skepticism, Catholicism, And PresbyterianismReligion, Christianity, Restoration Movement, Desciples of Christ, Alexander Campbell$25
5203Ingram, Mary McAllister110 Years Of Methodism History of First United Methodist Church Bay City, Texas 1870-1980Nortex Press Fair with yellow high lighter during the first third of the book, in a good dust wrapper.1980 hardback with 236 pages and b&w photos, tipped in picture of the author. Religion, Texas, Methodist$16
12805Innes, T. ChristieThrilling Voices of the PastPickering & Inglis Ltd.Very good. In a good dust wrapper that has light shelf wear. There's a ghost shadow of the inner flaps of the dust wrapper on the end papers.Biblical Archaeology, there are b&w photos and a bibliographyBiblical Archaeology, religion$20
16799Isaac, Rev. E. M.The Extremely Spiritual Man or Holiness in ActionThe Christian Witness Co.Good. Shelf wear and soiling on the covers and spine. Lettering faded.ReligionReligion$20
12002Jacobs, Barbara TietjenSo You're Going On A Mission! A Practical Guide To Missionary LifePress Publishing CompanyGood. The spine has a faint crease. A long inscription to the previous owner.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a book on missions. There are small maps and a dictionary. The author has inscribed "with sincere best wishes, Barbara Jacobs, Sept. 14, 1968. Religion, Mormon, LDS, Later-day Saints$20
17073Jeremy, Sister MaryAll the Days of My LifeBobbs-Merrill Company Inc.Good. In a fair to good dust wrapper that has tears on the back.'The Warmly Devout Story of a Nun's Life in Teaching.'Religion, education, Catholic$25
11570Jessett, Thomas E.Pioneering God's Country The History of the Diocese Of Olympia 1853 - 1967The Diocese Of Olympia PressGood. The covers have light shelf wear and some staining. Some pages have faint creases.History of the Episcopalian Church in Olympia, WAPacific Northwest, Religion, Olympia, Episcopalian$20
16505Joad, C. D. M.The Recovery Of Belief A Restatement of Christian PhilosophyFaber & FaberGood. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Religion, Philosophy. There's an indexReligion, philosophy$65
14222Jordan, W. G., B.A., D.D.Songs Of Service And Sacrifice A Study In Isaiah XL-LVJames Clarke & Co.Good. Very light shelf wear. No dust wrapper.Bible commentary, IsaiahReligion, Bible commentary, Isaiah$20
10745Joseph, Rev. Fr. S.More Than A PastorSelf publishedVery good.1996 paperback with 153 pages, a map and b&w photos. Father Joseph is a Catholic Priest of East Indian origin in the Southern tip of India, Vellamadam.India, Religion, Catholicism, Vellamadam,$20
14573Judge, W. Q.Theosophy Generally StatedTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 5. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
15818Judge, W. Q.KarmaTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 6 ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
12800Kanane, Mary C.Come Along With me A Centennial Pilgrimage TourSelf-publishedGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers.A Catholic pilgrimage tour to Rome and other sites including the 1958 world's fair in Brussels. There are b&w photos.Travel, Catholic, Religion$20
11253Kaneda, KazuoOver Shadowed Journey An Amazing Account of Hither To Unrevealed War-Time Experiences of a Japanese MinisterThe Hope PressVery good. Owner's small inscription inside. In an edgeworn dust wrapper.1963 hardback with 159 pages and b&w photos. Japanese Christian ministers experiences in WW2. Sunk by American Submarines, stationed in the Celebes, Indonesia.Religion, Christianity, Japan, WW2, Indonesia, Submarine$35
17020Khin, Thray Sithu U BaWhat Buddhism IsVipassana Research AssociationVery good. Small 3 line rubber stamp for the Bodhi-Dhamma Center In SeattleBuddhismReligion, Buddhism$20
17044Khin, Thray Sithu U Bathe Real Values Of True Buddhist MeditationVipassana Research AssociationFair to good. Soiling on the covers. Rusty staples have stained multiple pages and the covers near the spine. Small 3 line rubber stamp for the Bodhi-Dhamma Center In Seattle in two places.Buddhism, meditation.Religion, Buddhism, meditation$25
11509Kumlien, W. F.The Social Problem of the Church In South DakotaSouth Dakota State College of Agriculture And Mechanic ArtsGood. Previous owner's name in ink on the title page. The front cover has a crease.The "problem" is "....our present lack of community socialization in south Dakota or our present lack of capacity and will to act together in community life." There are graphs, several maps, on of which is a fold out of all the churches in South Dakota.Religion, South Dakota, Americana$20
10557Kurata, Hyakuzo Translated from the Japanese by Umeyo Hirano Edited by Tsumika ManekiShinranCultural Interchange Institute For BuddhistsVery good. The dust wrapper is poor, missing large chunks.1964 first edition hardback with 251 pages, with a tipped in signature of the editor. "...a significant interpretation of the Buddhist way of life.."Religion, Buddhism$30
9020La Due, JohnA Bible Scholar In Bible LandsTower Press Circa 1940 with 228 pages, photo of the author.Good with light shelf wear. No dust wrapper.Travel, religion, IsraelTravel, religion, Israel$16

Page Five

Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
7818Lawrence, Carl with David WangThe Coming Influence of ChinaVision House 1996 paperback, inscribed by Wang, with 207 pages and b&w photos.Fine.China, Religion.1996 paperback, inscribed by Wang, with 207 pages and b&w photos.China, Religion$15
No Image

10547Leffler, John ComptonGo Into The City Sermons For A Strenuous AgeMadronaVery good in a very good dust wrapper. Smells faintly of tobacco.1986 hardback, inscribed by the author, with 261 pages. ISBN 0-88089-014-2religion$20
7807Lescheid, Helen Grace, editorFootprints of CompassionFraser Valley Custom Printers 1989 paperback with 172 pages and b&w photos.Fine. Owner's 4 line ink name and address on the title page.Non-fiction. British Columbia MennonitesNon-fiction, Religion, Canada, British Columbia, Mennonites$15
No Image

16454Lilley, CanonVon Hugel And Tyrrell The Story of a FriendshipJ. M. Dent And Sons LTDVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dustwrapper.Philosophy, Religion, Catholicism. Philosophy, Religion, Catholicism. $50
16856Luzzatti, LuigiGod In Freedom Studies In the Relations Between Church and StateMacmillan Good. Light shelf wear and bumping. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Church and State. There are additional "American" chapters by President Taft and othersPolitics, religion, Church and State$25
12888Maccunn, Florence A.John KnoxMethuen & Co.Good. The covers and spine have some shelf wear and soiling. The front free endpaper has a magic markered out name. No dust wrapper.John Knox biography, from the leaders of religion series. There's a frontispece of Knox. Tissue guard is there. Some yellowing.Religion, John Knox, the protestant reformation$20
11239Maeser, Karl G.Karl G. Maeser A Biography By His SonBrigham Young UniversityFair to good. Covers are soiled, stained and have some creases. The gold lettering is a bit scraped. The endpapers have some soiling. The pages are all creased on the upper right side. No dust wrapper.A biography of Karl G. Maeser, early Mormon pioneer in Utah.Biography, Religion, Latter Day Saint, LDS, Mormon$50
11519Malachowski, VirginiaThe Spirit of Jesuit John WalcharsSelf-publishedVery good. Tip of front cover has a crease.A biography of Jesuit Priest, John Walchars. Born in Austria, he spent time as a priest in North China. There's some WW2 involvement as a translator. The author inscribed this copy to a friend.Biography, John Walchars, China, WW2, Religion, Jesuit, Catholicism.$20
3606Maurice, DavidThe Lion's RoarRider & Company Very good in a good dust wrapper.1962 first printing hardback with 255 pages and an index. Buddhism, An Anthology of the Buddha's Teaching Selected From the Pali Canon Religion, Buddhism$15
14574Mavalankar, Damodar K.Castes In IndiaTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 4. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
14575Mavalankar, Damodar K.Castes In IndiaTheosophy Company (INDIA) LTDVery good.U. L. T. Pamphlet-No. 4. ReligionReligion, Theosophy$20
6733McGlashan, M. NonaGive Me A Mountain MeadowValley Publishers 1977 oversized paperback, signed by McGlashan, with 248 pages and b&w photos.Good. Long owner's inscription in red pen on front end paper. Bottom back corner creased a bit.Give Me A Mountain Meadow, signed by the author. The owner inscription in front is from The Sisters, Our Lady of the Pines.Biography, Religion, Charles Fayette McGlashan, California$20
No Image

11922McLaren, Rt. Rev. Wm. E.The Holy PriestThe Young ChurchmanFair to good. Spine and part of the covers have been shellacked. The inner front hinge has a discolored section that has a hole. The back paste down has a small hole. Owner's name and presentation information on the front paste down and endpaper. No dust wrapper.This copy was presented to Bishop H. B. Restarick of Saint Paul's Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, California by members of his congregation in 1899.Religion, Christianity, Episcopal$25
16638McPherson, Aimee SempleThis Is ThatEcho Park Evangelistic AssociationGood. Front cover has a scrape mark. Back cover has an inked out price, a small stain and crease.Four Square Gospel. There are b&w photos.Religion, Aimee Semple McPherson, Four Square Gospel$20
16333Meehan, MichaelMrs. Eddy And The Late Suit In EquitySelf-publishedGood. Covers and spine have edge wear. Three owner's names with one inscription inside. No dust wrapper.Christian Science. The "...Late Suit in Equity" was an unsuccesful attempt to portray Mary Baker, the founder of the Christian Science Church, as incapable of running the church. This copy is a very early "authorised" edition with several b&w photos.Religion, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy$200
11472Mercier, His Eminence, D.J. CardinalCardinal Mercier's Own StoryGeorge H. DoranVery good with light shelf wear. The front of the dust wrapper is glued into the inside back cover. Cardinal Mercier's autobiography. There's one tipped-in fascimile letter, and a frontis. sketch of the author.Religion, Religious history, Catholicism, Cardinal Mercier$20
16974Milburn, William HenryTen Years Of Preacher-Life:Derby & JacksonGood. Top and bottom of the spine and corner edges are worn. No dust wrapper.William Henry Milburn was a blind Methodist clergyman.Religion, Methodism, autobiography$20
16336Milmine, Georgine and Willa CatherThe Life Of Mary Baker G. Eddy And The History Of Christian ScienceDoubleday, Page & CompanyGood. Faint shelf wear and soiling. Owner's name and a book plate. No dust wrapper.A suppressed book about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science. Supposedly ghost written by Willa Cather working for McClure's Magazine. There are b&w photos and three appendices. Also included is The Philosophy Motion - # 226, two pages (by FKD?) from1993 explaining the suppression and comparing it to other churches/religions.Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, religion$175
15478Mitchell, Hannah M., J.P.The Woodlands LovefeastF.G. EllisGood.John Wesley, founder of Methodism, preached here. The centuries old Lovefeast in Alport, England. The author, Hannah M. Mitchell, a women's suffragette in the Pankhurst period, was born there.Religion, Methodism, women's suffragrette$20
15479Mitchell, Hannah M., J.P.The Woodlands LovefeastStephen Evans Kinder PressGood. There's some short tears around the cover edges, light soiling, creasing and shelf wear.John Wesley, founder of Methodism, preached here. The centuries old Lovefeast in Alport, England. The author, Hannah M. Mitchell, a women's suffragette in the Pankhurst period, was born there.Religion, Methodism, women's suffragrette$40
16288Moore, Edward CaldwellThe Nature Of ReligionThe Macmillan CompanyGood. Faint shelf wear.Religion. There's a 5 line inscription with autograph by the author.Religion$20
4357Moore, Raymond S.Michibiki The Leading of GodReview and Herald Good . Shelf wear top , bottom and edges of spine. No dust wrapper.Michibiki The Leading of God with illustrations by Stanley Dunlop Jr., Seventh Day Adventist, Japan Missionary College.Religion, Seventh Day Adventist, Japan, missionaries$20
13038Morrison, Dr. H. C.From Sinai To CalvaryPentecostal Publishing CompanyGood. Several ink inscriptions and names on the front free endpaper. No dust wrapper.ReligionReligion$20
5983Mortier, Jeanne, and Marie-Louise AubouxTeilhard de ChardinHarper & Row 1966 first edition with 223 pages and many photos. 8.5 X 11 inches.Very good. Dust wrapper has a large chunk missing on the top front. Owner's signature inside.Teilhard de Chardin, philosophy, religionTeilhard de Chardin, philosophy, religion$18
No Image

15964Murra, Wilbur FimAn Inquiry Into The Role Of Religion In The Public Schools Of A Secular StateSelf-publishedGood.8.5 x 11 inches, typed and bound doctoral dissertation for the University of Mminnesota. There's an extensive bibliography. Inscribed by the author to a professor.Education, Religion, thesis$30

Page Six

Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
15903Murray, Robert H.Erasmus & Luther: Their Attitude to TolerationSociety For Promoting Christian KnowledgeGood. No dust wrapper. Owner's name in ink inside.There's a massive bibliography and a large index. Erasmus & Luther on toleration.Religion, tolerance$40
No Image

17008Naylor, C. W.Winning a CrownGospel Trumpet CompanyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers. No dust wrapper.'A Practical Treatise on How to find God, What Salvation is....' From the Christian Life SeriesReligion, Christian$25
12819Neer, MahlonWindow Reflections of The Methodist Church Catawba, OhioSelf-publishedFine.5.5 x 8.5 inches with b&w photos, a history of the two Methodist Churches in Catawba, Ohio, and geneaology of Neer and Runyon families. Alice Tavenner also signed the book.Religion, Methodist, Catawba, Ohio, Neer, Runyon, genealogy$30
9828Nestle, Eberhard and Alfred SchmollerNovum Testamentum Graece Edidit Eberhard Nestle Additae Sunt Concordantiae Novi Testamenti Graeci Edidit Alfred SchmollerStuttgart Privileg. Wurtt. Bibelanstalt Good. Owner's name and date in ink on the front free endpaper. Crossed out name in ink on the next page. Approximately 6 pages have light ink annotations. Two pages have light yellow high lighter. No dust wrapper. No date, hardback, 534 pages.Religion, Christianity, Greek New Testament, Concordance. Religion, Christianity, Greek New Testament, Concordance$20
16441Niebuhr, H. RichardChrist and CultureHarper & BrothersGood. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.There's an indexReligion, Culture$35
16445Niebuhr, ReinholdBeyond Tragedy Essays On The Christian Interpretation of HistoryScribnersGood. Owner's name in ink inside. Very occasional faint pencil underlining. No dust wrapper.Christianity and historyReligion, Christianity, History$25
16446Niebuhr, ReinholdThe Self and The Dramas Of HistoryCharles Scribner's SonsVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Has an index.Religion, history$25
16448Niebuhr, ReinholdAn Interpretation of Christian EthicsHarper & BrothersVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Has an index.Religion, christianity, ethics$20
16714Niebuhr, ReinholdThe Cointribution of Religion to Cultural UnityThe Hazen PamphletsGood. Front cover has some soiling and edge wear.Religion, culture.Religion, Culture$35
17063Niebuhr, Reinhold, and Sherwood EddyDoom and DawnEddy And PageGood. Customer's name in ink inside ( x 2 )Politics, Philosophy, ReligionPolitics, Philosophy, Religion$30
12431Norwood, Frederick Abbott, Ph. D.History of The North Indiana Conference 1917-1956 North Indiana Methodism in the Twentieth CenturyThe Conference Historical SocietyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers. Owner's name and address inside. Discoloring on both paste down endpapers. In a poor dustwrapper with chips, tears and general wear.A history of North Indiana Methodism. There are 12 appendices. Lists of living ministers, deceased ministers, many b&w photos and in index.Religion, Methodism, Indiana$20
16875Pacific Press Publishing AssociationCatalog of Publications 1964-1965 Books of Abiding ValuePacific Press Publishing AssociationGood. A sharp crease on the front cover.Pacific Press Publishing Association, a list of books, price list of foreign language publications, a Chapel Records Catalog and a list of Bibles, dictionaries and reference books. Seventh-day AdventistSeventh-day Adventist, religion$35
15404Pacific School of ReligionPacific School of Religion 1974-75 CatalogPacific School of ReligionGood. Shelfwear, soiling and some creasingPacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California, Bulletin Volk. LI, No. 5Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California$20
11487Pallis, MarcoThe Way And The MountainPeter OwenFair to good. Top left front cover has a 1/4 inch white spot. The top of the back cover is sharply bumped. The top edges of the pages in the same area are also bumped. The price clipped dust wrapper is in fair condition with tears and chipping along the edges.There's a color frontis., b&w illustrations, and an appencix. Tibet, Buddhism and there's a chapter on the Dalai Lama.Tibet, Religion, Buddhism, Dalai Lama$20
9011Paschal, George, H. and Judith A. BennerOne Hundred Years Of Challenge And Change A History Of The Synod Of Texas Of The United Presbyterian Church In The U.S.A.Trinity University Press Very good. In a worn dust wrapper.1968 hardback with 259 pages, bibliography and an index.Texas, religion, The United Presbyterian Church$20
12018Patil, SubhashHistory Of The Free Methodist Church In India 1881 - 1989India Free Methodist ConferenceGood. Covers have manufacturing puckers on the clear plastic.A history of the Free Methodist Church in India with many b&w pictures of missionaries and others. There are 10 appendicies.India, Religion, Christianity, Free Methodist, Missionaries.$20
11904Pe, WinShwe DagonPrinting and Publishing Corporation, RangoonGood. The front edges of both covers have glue? showing through the cloth. In a fair dust wrapper that has wear and tear on the edges and "Rangoon, Burma" written on the front in magic marker.8 x 11 inches with b&w and color photos. There are four 20 x 15 inch drawing of the temple in a back pocket. Buddhism and Shwe Dagon Temple in Burma. Religion, Buddhism, Shwe Dagon Temple, Burma, Myanmar$25
15423Pickett, J. W., Dr. A. L. Warnshuis, Rev. G. H. Singh, Dr. D. A. McGavranChurch Growth And Group ConvsersionLucknow Publishing HouseGood. Covers shelf worn and a bit soiled. Rubber stamp inside. Ink price inside.Protestants in India in the earlier 1900s.Missionaries, Religion, India$30
15307Pierce, Ed Jr., and Leigh W. Wilson"Let the Chimes Ring Out!" A History of Mount Vernon First Baptist Church Self-publishedVery good.8.5 x 11 inch spiral bound, a history of the Mount Vernon, WA First Baptist Church - 1884-2007. There are many b&w photos.Religion, Mt. Vernon, WA, First Baptist Church$25
16928Potter, Charles FrancisHumanism A New ReligionSimon And SchusterGood. Front gutter has glue remains? Or something. Dust wrapper in piecesHumanism.Religion, Humanism$75
11370Prewitt, James Franklin, Dr.Prophetic Light On the Arab-Israeli conflictSelf-PublishedGood. The covers have some light staining and shelf wear. The front cover has a price sticker removal scar.8.5 x 11 inch paperback, Dr. Prewitt is a professor of Bible and History Western Baptist College Salem, Oregon. This is a book of prophesy on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The last two pages list "Prophetic Scripture."Middle East, Arab, Arab- Israeli, Israel, Religion, Prophesy,$20
12877Price, Rev. John Franklin PriceCitizen Of Heaven The Personal Memoir of Rev. John Franklin PriceSelf-publishedFine. No dust wrapper.A biography of Rev. John Franklin Pride edited by Prudy Taylor board and Esther B. Colcord. There are b&w photos. Rev. Price was a Baptist in Florida.Religion, Baptist, Florida, biography, John Franklin Price.$20
12139Ramakrishna, SriThe Light From BeyondThe Vedanta Society The Vedic Temple, 1206 N. W. 25th Avenue, Portland, OregonFair. The covers have moisture stains and chipping. There's glue soak through on the inside flaps and the staples are rusty.3.75 x 6 inches, this small book is "An adaptation from the Life and Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna." This copy was printed by the Vedanta Society in Portland, Oregon, and has a photo frontis picture of Sri RamakrishnaReligion, Hindu, Sri Ramakrishna, Portland, Oregon$20
11786Ranasinghe, C.P.Two signed Letters and two BrochuresThe Institute Of Philosophical ResearchVery good. One letter has multiple creases on a corner.C.P. Ranasinghe, Buddhist Scholar, author, writes from Kelaniya, Ceylon to Mr. Pong in Seattle, WA to acknowledge Pong's order for 3 copies of "The Buddha's Explanation Of The Universe." The books are being shipped on the S.S. President Coolidge. He includes 6 copies of his 4 page, "Buddhism and Marxism." Another letter one month later he asks for help raising $30,000 to fight Communism, includes copies of "Manifesto of The Institute Of Philosophical Research."Buddhism, Religion, C.P. Ranasinghe, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Autograph$75
16962Read, D.H.C., C.F.Prisoners' Quest A Presentation of the Christian Faith in a Prisoners of War CampThe Macmillan CompanyVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. Fair dust wrapper with a scraped spine and short tears.Religious talks in WW2 POW Camps.Religion, WW2, POW$50

Page Seven

Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
11473Reusser, Walter C., ChairmanThe United Presbyterian Church Of Laramie, Wyoming 1869 - 1969Self-PublishedGood. There's a short but sharp crease on the bottom of the front cover. There's a rainbow sticker inside on the front free end paper.150 pages with b&w and color photos and several appendicies.Western Americana, Religion, Presbyterian, Wyoming$25
16599Rhodes, Carl, editorKMBIAN 1962Kentucky Mountain Bible InstituteFair to good. Spine missint 1.5 inches, front gutter cracked but sturdy. Faint ink writing on the front free endpaper.8 x 10.5 inches, the 1962 year book for the Kentucky Mountain Bible Instite near Vancleve, KY. There are faculty and student pictures, activity pictures, ads and a student list.Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute, KMBI, religion$40
16794Ridgaway, Henry B., D.D.The Life Of The Rev. Alfred CookmanHarper & BrothersGood. Covers and spine have some shelf wear and soiling.Moisture stain top of the first two pages. Ink notes on a back blank page. No dust wrapper.M. E. Methodist autobiographyReligion, Methodist$25
16900Roerich, NicholasThe InvincibleNicholas Roerich MuseumVery Good. No dust wrapper.Autobiography, philosophy, religion, Theosophy.Autobiography, philosopohy, religion, Theosophy$25
11291Rothe, RichardStill HoursFunk and WagnallsFair. Both hinges cracked but holding. The bottom 1/8 inch of the spine is worn off. The first three pages are loose but sill attached. The bottom front cover is worn "round."The back cover has a five inch break/crease. The contents are very good on slightly yellowing paper. There is no dust wrapper.The Foreign Biblical Library Rothe's Still Hours, Nicoll, Rev. W. Robertson, M.A., Editor. Translated by Jane T. Stoddart with an introductory essay by the Rev. John Macpherson, M.A.. Richard Rothe was a Lutheran theologian of the German idealist school.Religion, Christianity, Lutheran, Lutheran Idealist, Theologian, Richard Rothe.$20
16477Royce, JosiahThe Problem Of Christianity Two VolumesThe Macmillan CompanyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling. Volume 1 has a book plate and two owners names in ink inside. No dust wrapper. Volume 2 has a book plate and one owner's name in ink inside.Christianity. "Lectures Delivered At The Lowell Institute In Boston, And At Manchester College, Oxford."Christianity, Religion, Idealism$75
16919Royce, JosiahThe Conception of ImmortalityHoughton, Mifflin And CompanyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers and spine. Two owner's names in ink inside. No dust wrapper.1899 Ingersoll Lecture.Religion, Immortality$50
11248Ruth, Thomas L., Jr.Enoch the Forgotten ProphetSelf-PublishedFine. No dust wrapper. Religion, Christianity, Enoch, Prophet$25
4835Sale-Harrison, L.Palestine: God's Monument of ProphecyPickering & Inglis 1933 with 250 pages and b&w photos, signed by the author.Good with a line in the crease of the edge of the spine. No dust wrapper.Palestine: God's Monument of ProphecyPalestine, Prophecy, religion, Middle East$20
12336Salomon, Richard G.Highlights of Church History Early & MedievalThe Church Historical SocietyGood. The front cover has a fade mark and 3 ink letters. Light shelf wear.A history of the Episcopal Church. 5 x 7 inch stapled paperback.Religion, Episcopal.$20
10278Sanders, J. B.Knowledge of the Bible Revised From The Biblical Reasons Why A Family Guide to Scripture Readings and a Hand-book for Biblical StudentsJ. B. Sanders & CompanyGood with light shelfwear and soiling. Ripples on the cloth of the spine and covers. No dust jacket.1916 hardback with 324 pages, pen and ink illustrations and two pages of ads. Conservative Protestant ChristianityReligion$25
11925Sanderson, Mildred N., editorThe Episcopal Clergy Directory 1972 EditionThe Church Hymnal CorporationGood. Light shelf wear. Owner's name and 5 lines of ink inside. Doodles and drawings on the back paste down. No dust wrapper.Alphabetical listing of Episcopal priests in 1972.Religion, Christianity, Episcopal, history$20
11241Sanford, Don A.A Free People in Search of a Free LandThe Seventh Day Baptist Historical SocietyVery good with light shelf wear133 pages with maps, an appendix with statement of belief of Seventh Day Baptists, Genealogical Table Notes, bibliography and an index. A history of Seventh Day Baptist migration.Religion, Seventy Day Baptist, Genealogy.$40
9893Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J.Jesuit Mission Presses in the Pacific Northwest A History and Bibliography of Imprints 1876 - 1899Champoeg PressVery good. No dust wrapper.1957 hardback, 6.5 x 10 inches with 76 pages, index, tipped in plate of Father Joseph Giords, S.J., and a separate page (original?) with a St. Ignatius Print, Montana.Pacific Northwest, Religion, Catholic, bibliography, Jesuit.Father Joseph Giords, S.J., St. Ignatius, Montana,.Pacific Northwest, Religion, Catholic, bibliography, Jesuit, Catholicisim$25
16976Sheldon, Henry C.Sacerdotalism In the Nineteenth century A Critical HistoryEaton & MainsGood. Owner's name in ink. Other minor ink on the front free endpaper. No dust wrapper.Says 'gift of the author' in ink? No signature. Sacerdotalism. ReligionSacerdontalism, religion. There's an index.$20
10568Shepherd, GaryLife Among the MagarsSahayogi PressGood with light shelf wear. Owner's address label inside.1982 paperback with 269 pages, color and b&w photos and a tipped in map. Signed by the author's wife? Tipped in explanation of the book by the author. Nepal. Religion. ISBN 0-88312-921-3Magars, Religion, Missionaries, Nepal$30
10833Siebken, Lee Ann, forward by Bishop David ThornberryIn Our Midst, Christ Church, Douglas 1890-1986High Plains PressFine. One small ink underlining. No dust wrapper.1986 limited edition hardback, # 18 of 100, signed and numbered by the author, with 95 pages, pen and ink drawings, chronology, bibliography, and a cloth/ribbon church homecoming book mark. A history of Christ Episcopial Church in Douglas, Wyoming.Wyoming, Douglas Wyoming, history, religion, Christ Episcopial Church$40
10203Sigston, JamesMemoir of the Life and Ministry of Wm. Bramwell, Lately An Itinerant Methodist Preacher:...Phillips & HuntGood. Shelf wear on the covers and spine. Three small white stains on the front cover. Corners bumped. Several pages have creases. Back paste down and free endpaper have some writing and some soiling. No dust jacket.Circa 1850? hardback, 4 x 6 inches, with 338 pages and a list of contents. Religion, history. Methodism, Religion, history, biography, Wm. Bramwell.Religion, history, Methodism, Religion, history, biography, Wm. Bramwell.$20
11938Skrine, John Huntley, D.D.The Survival of Jesus A Priest's Study in Divine TelepathyHodder & Stoughton Good. Light shelfwear and soiling on the covers. A few early pages are chipped on the bottom edge. The rest of the pages are uncut. No dust wrapper.Vicar at St. Peter's in the East, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, in 1908, died in 1923. Religion.Religion, Church of England, Anglican$20
5514Slocum, Marianna, and Sam Holmes, text editorsWho Brought The WordWycliffe Bible Translators 1963 1st edition paperback with many photos by Cornell Capa. 8.5X11 inches.Good with shelf wear.Wycliffe Bible Translators, religion, photos by Cornell CapaWycliffe Bible Translators, religion, photography, Cornell Capa$18
16265Smith, Elmer LewisThe Amish PeopleExposition PressGood. Light staining on the front cover and front gutter. Owner's name, date and address in ink. In a poor dust wrapper....."illustrated story of the "Old Order" sect of southeastern Pennsylvania". There are b&w photos.Religion, Amish$20
12272Smith, G. WayneThe First Baptist Church Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 1843-1993 A 150th Anniversary History Celebrating the Theme Others-Yesterday, Today and AlwaysFirst Baptist Church, Waynesburg, PennsylvaniaVery good. Light shelf wear. In a good dust wrapper that has a few short tears along the edges.A history of the First Baptist Church in Waynesburg, PA, with many pictures , a list of current members and a long index.Religion, Christianity, Baptist, First Baptist Church, Waynes Burg, Pennsylvania, History$50
12405Smith, Rev. JamesThe Better LandAmerican Tract SocietyGood. The covers have some wear and staining. Pages have brown spotting. Owner's name and address in ink inside. There are occasional light pencil marks inside. No dust wrapper.Religion and the end of times. 4 x 5.5 inches, large print.Religion$35
15435Snider, K. LavernIt's Happening In Japan Today The Story of 8 Growning ChurchesJapan Free Methodist MissionGood. Light shelf wear on the covers.The Free Methodist Church in Japan in the 1970-1980s. There are several b&w photos.Japan, Religion, Free Methodist, missionaries$20
16334Snowden, James H.The Truth about Christian Science The Founder And The FaithZondervanVery good. In a lightly worn and soiled dust wrapper.Anti Christian Science. There is an index.Religion, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy$25

Page Eight
Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
13863Sooy, J. L., D.D.Individuality or The Apostolic Twelve Before and After PentecostCurts and JenningsGood. Light shelf wear and soiling on the covers. The back cover has a minor rippling manufacturing fault in the cloth. No dust wrapper.ReligionReligion$40
16543Spears, Dr. Leo L.HellcrestSmith-BrooksVery good. No dust wrapper."...and this work is not intended as an indictment of any religion, but as a disparagement of petty religious abuses."Fiction, Religion$20
12365St. Benedict's StaffA Souvenir of Dedication St. Benedicts Church Seattle, Washington October 2, 1955St. Benedict's Fair. The top of the front cover and the first 18 pages have moisture stains.8.5 x 11 inch souvenir of dedication for St. Benedict's Church in Seattle, Washington. There are numerous pictures and advertisements.Religion, Washington State, Catholicism, St. Benedict's Church$20
11811St. Joseph's Parish, Powell River, British Columbia...For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven.St. joseph's parish Building Fund - Powell River, British ColumbiaFair. Has a moisture stain on the front cover and moisture stains in the margins (only) of four pages.11 x 8.5 inches, 12 page, fund raising brochure for St. Joseph's Parish in Powell River, British Columbia. There are photos and drawings. There's also a two page letter from Rev. John B. Collins thanking visitors for a box of cigars, etc.Religion, Catholicism, St. Joseph's, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, Rev. John B. Collins$25
13387St. Patrick's Catholic ChurchSt. Patrick's Catholic Church, Fallon, Nevada 1997United Church DirectoriesVery good.9 x 11.25 inches with color pictures and an index, a church directory for St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Fallon, Nevada, in 1997Religion, Catholic, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Fallon, Nevada$20
10627StaffA Century of God's Grace Centennial History Grace Lutheran Church Dawson, MinnesotaGrace Lutheran ChurchVery good.1982 6 x 9 inch stapled paperback with 80 pages and b&w photos. Church history. Trinity Lutheran and Riverside Lutheran.Religion, Lutheran, Grace Lutheran Church, Dawson, Minnesota$15
10757StaffCh'an Magazine Volume 2, Number 4 Spring 1981Ch'an Center Institute of Chung-Hwa Buddhist CultureGood. Light soiling and creasing on the covers.1981 Stapled paperback , 7 x 8.5 inches, with 37 pages. Buddhism.Religion, Buddhism$20
13107StaffAnacortes First Baptist ChurchSelf-PublishedGood. Covers and pages have light crease marks and soiling.7.5 x 9.5 church directory for Anacortes First Baptist Church, Anacortes, Washington State, in the 1980s.Washington State, Anacortes, church directory, Anacortes First Baptist, religion, ephemera$20
13137StaffThe Centennial Celebration of Christ Lutheran Church Bexley, Ohio 1878-1978Self publishedVery good.8.5 x 11 inches with photos, a centennial history of Christ Lutheran Church, Bexley, OhioChurch History, Christ Lutheran Church, Bexley, Ohio, Religion$20
15652StaffAgana Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church bulletin for November 6, 1965Agana Heights Seventh-Day Adventist ChurchGood. Some shelf wear and some sharp fold marks.Agana Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ana T. Gay Memorial Chapel.- A Sabbath bulletin.Religion, Seventh-day Adventist, Guam$20
17025StaffSt. Paul's Chapel, Trinity Parish, brochure and prayerSt. Paul's Chapel, Trinity ParishVery good.13 x 8.25 3 fold brochure with church history. There's a separate 'A Prayer for my Parish' EpiscopalReligion, Episcopal, St. Paul's Chapel, New York$25
17035StaffIllustrated Guide Book of The Little Church Around the CornerChurch of the TransfigurationGood. Date in ink on the front cover.4.5 x 6 inches, a guide book to the Episcopal church Of The Transfiguration, "Little church Around the Corner" in New York. History and pictures.Religion, Episcopal, Church Of The Transfiguration, Little Church Around the Corner, ephemera.$20
17041StaffCathedral Church Of St Andrew - WellsCathedral Church of St AndrewVery good.'Short Guide For visitors to The Quire Lady Chapel And Chapter House.'Cathedral Church Of St Andrew, Religion, Anglican$20
12976Stokes, JeremiahThe Soul's FireSuttonhouse Ltd.Good. Light shelf wear and soiling. No dust wrapper.Mormon history. There are b&w photos and illustrations.Religion, Mormon, LDS, Latter Day Saints$30
12309Streaty, Robert H., SuperintendentSpringfield District Conference Bicentennial Observance May 23, 1976 Zanesfield, OhioThe Springfield District United Methodist ChurchGood. Light soiling on the covers.A 5.25 x 8.25 inch stapled brochure with a short history of the Springfield, Ohio, Methodist Conference. Champaign, Clark, Logan, and Union Counties, with a list of abandonded churches as well.Religion, Methodism, Springfield District, Ohio, history, ephemera$20
17040Strickland, W. P.Autbiography of Peter Cartwright The Backwoods PreacherCurts & JenningsGood. Light shelf wear. A few specks on the back cover. Pencil writing on the front free endpaper. No dust wrapper.Biography. Methodist.Religion, Methodist$30
12029Strong, Rev. Josiah, D.D.Our Country: Its Possible Future And Its Present Crisis.The Baker & Taylor Co.Good. Light shelf wear and soiling. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Some interesting chapters. Specific chapters against Catholics, Mormons, interperance, socialism, and, .....wealth.Religion, History, Catholicism, Mormon, LDS$20
16362Sturzo, LuigiChruch And StateGeoffrey Bles: TheCentenary PressCovers and spine are sun stained. Light bumping on the bottom of the covers and spine. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Religion and statehood. There's a bibliography and an index.Religion, Statehood$25
16364Sullivan, William L.Letters To His Holiness Pope Pius XThe Open Court Publishing CompanyGood. Soiling on both covers. Back hinge cracked but still sturdy. No dust wrapper. Religion. Letters to Pope Pius X.Religion, Catholicism, Pope Pius X$20
8585Sulzer, Robert FrederickPlanting the Outposts Thirty-Five Years among the Children of the PlainsThe Presbyterian Board of Publication 1913 with 133 pages and b&w photos.Good. Light shelf wear and soiling. Name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Religion, Canada, educationReligion, Canada, education$35
17003Suzuki, Daisetz TetaroMysticism: Christian And BuddhistHarper & BrothersGood. No dust wrapper.Religion, Mysticism, Christian, BuddhismReligion, Mysticism, Christian, Buddhism$40
17018Tate, BillThe Penitentes of the Sangre de Cristos An American TragedyTate GalleryGood. Light shelf wearPenitentes, religion, Catholicism, Sangre de Cristos. Inscribed and signed by the author.Penitentes, Religion, Catholicism, Sangre de Cristos$20
17068The Society Of Chinese BuddhistsBuddhist Scripture Series No. 1 The Sutra Of The Lord Of HealingThe Society Of Chinese BuddhistsGood. Name in ink on the front cover. Covers and spine have chipping and short tears. Yellowing pages. Fragile.17.5 x 6 inch fold out of Buddha in the back. Translation by Dr. phil. Walter LiebenthalReligion, Buddhism, Sutra of Healing$100
11962Thera, Ven. Neluwe Jinaratana Sri Sariputta & Moggallana The Inspiring Story of Lord Buddha's Two Chief DisciplesThe Maha Bodhi Society Of IndiaGood. Both the covers and pages have light creasing. The previous owner has a small name stamp. The back of one illustration has ink stains from the manufacturing process.There are three b&w photos. Religion, Buddhism, Maho Bodhi Society, Sri Sariputta, Moggallana$20
16628Thind, Dr. Bhagat SinghHouse of HappinessSelf PublishedGood. Light soiling on the covers. No dust wrapper.Sikh, religion.Religion, Sikh$25

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
9764Tracy, Olive G.The Nations and the IslesNazarene Publishiing House 1958 first printing paperback with 251 pages, bibliography and a map.Good. Light shelf wear on the covers and spine. Owner's name in ink inside.Missionary, Olive G. Tracy. Middle East, Cape Verde Islands. Missionary, Olive G. Tracy, Religion, Middle East, Cape Verde Islands $20
17072Treacy, Father WilliamReflections of a Pioneering PriestCamp BrotherhooVery good.'60 Years Of Ministry In The Pacific Northwest' There are b&w photos and a bibliography.Religion, Catholic, Pacific Northwest, Washington State$20
11941Troutman, FrankJesus In Court The Law of the Trials of Jesus Before The Great Sanhedrin and Before PilateSelf-publishedGood. The covers have light fading and soiling. Three lines of ink on the front cover under the author's name. "Senior Warden Cathedral of St. Philip 1948" A neat rubber stamp with the same info on the title page. Owner's name in ink.Religion, Episcopal, Jesus in Court.Religion, Episcopal, Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Georgia$20
12455Ungar, IrvinHistoricana Rare Books, Manuscripts & Historic Judaica Catalogue 18Irvin UngarGood. Faint shelf wear.8.5x11 inch catalogue with many color and b&w illustrations. There's a separate price list. Historic Judaica.Bibliophile, Judaica, religion, Judaism, book collecting, book catalogue$20
12723Van Atta, Robert B.History Of The First Presbyterian Church Of Greensburg, Pennsylvania 1788 - 1988Self publishedFine. In a fair to good dustwrapper that has two tears and one scrape mark.History Of The First Presbyterian Church Of Greensburg, Pennsylvania 1788 - 1988. There are many b&w photos, illustrations, lists of officers, appendicies, bibliography and an index.Religion, history, First Presbyterian Church, Greensburg, Pennsylvania$25
6151Van Broekhoven, Harold and Loraine C., general editorsHolding Forth God's Word The Story of Berean Baptist Church 1892 - 1992Berean Church Very good with faint bumping and wear on the bottom front corners. No dust wrapper.Cicra 1993 with 197 pages and b&w photos. The Story of Berean Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.Religion, Baptist, Grand Rapids, Michigan$15
6564Waddingham, GladysHistory of The First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood 1890 through 1984Instant Print 1984 8.5 X 11 inch paperback, signed by Waddingham, 276 pages, photos, etc.Fair to good. A one inch tear in the bottom center of the front cover. Folded page corners and creases. Back cover has two very small edge tears.History of The First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood 1890 through 1984. Many b&w photos and lists.Religion, First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood$20
6663Wahl, Albert J.Jesse Herman Holmes, 1864-1942 A Quaker's Affirmation for ManFriends United Press 1979 with 447 pages and b&w photos.Very good. Light shelf wear. In a torn, chipped dust wrapper.Jesse Herman Holmes, 1864-1942 A Quaker's Affirmation for ManJesse Herman Holmes, Biography, Quaker, religion$16
No Image

13882Walker, Randi JonesEmma Newman A Frontier Woman MinisterSyracuse University PressVery good. One page has folding marks. In a very good dust wrapper.A biography of Emma Newman, a frontier woman minister. There's a b&w frontis picture, references and an index.women's studies, religion$20
5427Weld, Ralph FosterA Tower on the Heights The Story of the First Presbyterian Church of BrooklynColumbia University Press 1946 with 169 pages.Very good. A long inscription from someone....No dust wrapper.A Tower on the Heights The Story of the First Presbyterian Church of BrooklynReligion, History, Story of the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, NY$20
10025Wesche, Percival A.Henry Clay Morrison Crusader SaintATSGood. Small specks on the front cover, light wear on the back cover, owner's one line of ink inside. No dust wrapper.Circa 1963 hardback, inscribed by the author, with 208 pages and footnotes. Biography, Asbury Theological Seminary, Methodism, Religion, Kentucky. Biography, Asbury Theological Seminary, Methodism, Religion, Kentucky, Henry Clay Morrison$30
16680White, Andrew DicksonA History Of The Warfare Of Science With Theology In Christendom, 2 volumesD. Appleton And CompanyGood. Both volumes have wear on the spine and cover edges, especially Volume 1. Volume 1 has extra wear on the bottom of the spine.Science, warfare and theology.Religion$40
15571Whitehead, John, M. D.The Life Of The Rev. John Wesley, M. A...with the life of the Rev. Charles Wesley, M. A.John E. BeardsleyGood. Amateur, sturdy rebinding.A biography of both John and Charles Wesley, early founders of Methodism. There are multiple pages of ads in the back of the book.Religion, Methodism, John Wesley$30
17002Widtsoe, John A., and Franklin S. Harris, Jr.Seven claims of The Book of Mormon A Collection of EvidencesZion's Printing And Publishing CompanyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling. Owner's name and address in ink inside.Mormon. LDS and RLDS. Faux red leather covers.Mormon, LDS, RLDS,Religion$20
14412Wigdahl, Cynthia KarnoscakJourney to Joy A Memoir by Betty CranmerSelf-publishedVery goodAn English Airforce Nurse in WW2, widowed, moved to the US, remarried and her new husband becomes an Episcopal priest. There are b&w photos.WW2, Religion, Episcopal$20
12566Wilcox, PearlSaints of the Reorganizatiion In MissouriSelf-publishedVery good. 5 lines of previous owner ink and a small address label inside. In a good dust wrapper that has a faded spine.A history of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. B&w photos, biographical sketches and an index.Religion, Reorganized Church of Jesus christ of Latter Day Saints, Mormom, LDS$20
12422Williams, CecilI'm Alive!Harper & RowFine. In a very good, lightly soiled, dust wrapper.Autobiography of Cecil Williams, pastor of the Glide Memorial Methodist Church in San Francisco and community activist.Cecil Williams, Religion, Methodist, Glide Memorial, San Francisco, California$20
7599Williamson, GlenRepair My HouseCreation House 1973, signed by the author, with 173 pages.Fine. in a fair to good dust wrapper.Religious fiction.Religion, fiction$15
7600Williamson, GlenRepair My HouseCreation House 1973, signed by the author, with 173 pages.Fine. in a good dust wrapper.Religious fiction.Religion, fiction$16
13188Wolfe, RoyCartoons For Youth A Helpful Scripture Aid For Young People, Pastors and Youth WorkersLakeland Color PressGood. Soiling and shelfwear on the covers. Bottom of the spine has a short tear. Owner's name in ink inside.Cartoons keyed with scripture verses.Religion, Cartoons$20
16379Wolfson, Harry AustrynThe Philosophy Of The Church fathers Volume 1 Faith, Trinity, IncarnationHarvard University PressVery good. Light shelf wear. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Religion, philosophy, Judaic studies. A presentation note, signed by the author, is glued in on the back free end paper.Religion, philosophy,Judaic studies$200
12425Women's Department of Southside Branch Reorganized Church os Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsShared TreasuresSelf-publishedGood. Shelf wear and soiling on the covers. Pages show some wear on the edges.Spokane, Washington Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Cook Book. Plastic spiral binding.Religion, Cooking, Pacific Norhwest, Washington State, Mormon, LDS$30
12905Wylie, J. A.The Story Of The WaldensesPilgrims BooksGood. The cover has a small brown spot. The spine has a vertical crease.A reprint of the original book, The Waldenses were persecuted Protestants in the Italian Alps in the early 1800s. This book has illustrations.Religion, Waldenses$20
15991Yinger, J. MiltonReligion in the Struggle for Power A Study in the Sociology of ReligionDuke University PressGood. Owner's name in ink. No dust wrapper.Religion, politicsReligion, politics$20

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