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Last modified November 28, 2023

12875 Stouffer, Dr. C. G. M.D., Daybook Covering 1918 to 1930, Dr. Stouffer was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Shelf wear and soiling. A 5.5 x 8 inch 3 ring binder with more than 50 pieces of additional paper, notes, cures, ads, a draft card from 1918 and much more. Medical ephemera. $30


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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
11186Ajello, Libero, Ph.D., editorCoccidioidomycosis Current Clinical and Diagnostic StatusSymposia SpecialistsVery good. One line covered with magic marker on the front free endpaper. No dust wrapper.This book has tables, charts, b&w photos, illustrations and an index.Coccidioidomycosis, medicine$20
10906Andrewes, Frederick W., and Ethel M. ChristiePrivy Council Medical Research Council The Haemolytic Streptococci: Their Grouping By AgglutinationHis Majesty's Stationery OfficeGood. Some creasing and bumping of page corners, owner's name in ink on the front cover.1932 paper covers with 73 pages and a list of publications. Some creasing and bumping of page corners.Medicine, Haemolytic Streptococci$30
10923Anon.Immunology Its Role in Disease and HealthU.S. Department of Health, Education and WelfareGood. Some stains and spots on the front cover, minor crease on the back cover and the bottom of the spine.Circa 1976 paperback with 157 pages, illustrations, graphs, tables and 3 appendicies.Medicine, Immunology$30
8138Atkins, Michael B., and James W. Mier, editors.Therapeutic Applications of Interleukin-2Marcel Dekker 1993 with 494 pages, photos and an index.Very good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.Interleukin-2, medicineInterleukin-2, medicine$20
6925Bailey, Frederick R., A.M., M.D.Text-Book Of HistologyWilliam Wood And Company 1916 5th edition with 652 pages, illustrations and an index.Good. Shelf wear top and bottom of the spine, light soiling, minor scrape mark on the back cover. No dust wrapper. Owner's two line inscription.Text-Book Of HistologyHistology, medicine$18
No Image

15232Blumer, GeorgeTheGeorge Blumer Edition Of Billings-Forchheimer's Therapeusis Of Internal Diseases Composite IndexD. Appleton and CompanyGood. Light shelf wear and soiling. No dust wrapper.MedicineMedicine$20
10297Conant, Clarence M.An Obstetric Mentor Homoeopathic Treatment Required During Pregnancy, Parturition, and the Puerperal SeasonRoy Publishing HouseGood. Crudely bound, light shelfwear and soiling. One small hole punched in the back cover. No dust jacket.1970 5 x 7 inch hardback, 2nd Indian edition with 159 pages and an index. Obstetric, Homoeopathic, Pregnancy, Parturition, alternative medicine$35
16484Cushing, HarveyThe Life of Sir William Osler Two VolumesOxford At The Claredon PressGood. In good dust wrappers that have short tears and some soiling.Biography of Sir William Osler. There's an extensive index in Volume IIMedicine, biography, Sir William Osler$100
17017Deaver, John B., M. D.Surgical Anatomy Vol. 1P. Blakiston's Son & Co.Good. Shelf wear. Back cover is missing a 1/4 inch by 1.5 strip of leather on one corner.Attractive 1/4 leather (spine and cover tips) binding with many illustrations. Sub-title: A Treatise On Human Anatomy In Its Application To the Practice of Medicine And Surgery.' Vol.1. covers Upper Extremity; Back of Neck; Shoulder; Trunk; Cranium; ScalMedicine, Anatomy, surgery$60
17021Deaver, John B., M. D.Surgical Anatomy Vol. 2P. Blakiston's Son & Co.Good. Shelf wear. Light shelf wear. No dust wrapperAttractive 1/4 leather (spine and cover tips) binding with many illustrations. Sub-title: A Treatise On Human Anatomy In Its Application To the Practice of Medicine And Surgery.' Vol.2. covers Neck; Mouth; Pharynx; Larynx; Nose; Orbit; Eyeball; Organ of Medicine, Anatomy, surgery$60
14557Debov, S.S., executive editorThe USSR Academy Of Medical Sciences 40 YearsThe USSR Academy Of Medical SciencesVery good. In a fair to good dust wrapper that has wear, short tears and soiling.A history of The USSR Academy Of Medical Sciences with many articles, b&w photos and member listsMedicine, The USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia$30
11535Deeter, David P., M.D. and Joel C. Gaydos, M.D.Occupational Health The Soldier and the Industrial BaseOffice of the Surgeon GeneralVery good with light shelf wear on the covers. Front free endpaper has a scrape mark. No dust wrapper.Many illustrations, photos and notes. 8.5 x 11 inches.Military medicine, industrial hygiene$25
11534Dillingham, Timothy R., M.D., and Praxedes V. Belandres, M.D.Rehabilitation of the Injured Combatant Volume 1Office of the Surgeon GeneralVery good. Front free endpaper has a scrape mark. No dust wrapper.415 pages with an additional 46 page index. Many illustrations, photos and notes. 8.5 x 11 inches.Military medicine, war wounds, surgical combat casualty care, amputees, rehabilitation.$20
15830Duncan, Dr. John A. to ElizabethLetters From Nam A Seattle surgeon's mission to a helpless peopleThe Print ShopVery good.A Seattle surgeon's work in Vietnam during the war. There are endpaper photos.Vietnam, medicine$20
13941Eggen, Robert R., M.D.Chromosome Diagnostics in Clinical MedicineCharles C. ThomasVery good. No dust wrapper.American Lecture Series, Chromosome Diagnostics, B&w photos, illustrations, appendicies, references and an index.medicine, chromosome$20
11865Einstein, Hans E., M.D., editorHandbook On Fungus DiseasesAmerican College of Chest PhysiciansGood. The covers have light wear and soiling. The front, free endpaper has a magic markered out name. No dust wrapper.Fungus diseases. There are pictures of x-rays and an index.Medicine, Fungus Diseases, Chest Physicians$20
5673Evans, BarbaraCaduceus in Saigon A Medical Mission To Viet-NamHutchinson of London 1968 first printing with 210 pages, b&w photos and an index.Good to very good with light shelfwear on the bottom of the spine. In a good dust wrapper.Vietnam, MedicineVietnam, Medicine$25
16961Fishbein, Morris, M.D.Fads And Quackery In HealingBlue Ribbon BooksGood. Covers have light shelf wear. Some creasing on pages. No dust wrapper.Medical Quackery...there's an index. "An analysis of the foibles of the healing cults, with essays on various other peculiar notions in the health field."Medicine, medical quackery.$25
16821Foye, GeraldRoyal R. Fife Humanitarian Betrayed And PersecutedR.T. Plasma PublishingGood. Faint soiling on the front cover.Biography. MedicineBiography, medicine$40
16675Glickman, IrvingClinical Periodontology The Periodontiun In Health and DiseaseW. B. SaundersGood. Very occasional underlining and notes in margins. No dust wrapper.Dentistry. There are many illustrations and an index.Clinical Periodontology,Periodontiun, dentistry, medicine $35
10637Goff, Charles Weer, M.D.Surgical Treatment of Unequal ExtremitiesCharles C. ThomasVery good with light shelf wear on the bottom of the spine. In a good dust wrapper that has light wear and some soiling.1960 hardback, 8.5 x 11 inches, with 184 pages, b&w photos, bibliography and an index. Publication Number 418 American Lecture Series, A Monograph in The Bannerstone Division of American Lectures in Orthopaedic SurgeryMedicine, Surgery$35
8586Greenblatt, Robert B.Office EndocrinologyCharles C. Thomas 1952 4th edition, 1st printing, inscribed by the author, with 561 pages, photos, index.Fair to good. Bottom corners of covers and spine bumped. A 1/4 in. lateral tear on the bottom of the spine. Lettering on the bottom of the spine is worn. No dust wrapper.Medicine, EndocrinologyMedicine, Endocrinology$35
16812Harre, Hobart amory, M.D., editorProgressive Medicine Volume II June, 1909Lea & FebigerFair to good. Wear on the covers and spine. Small punch marks on the back cover.A few b&w illustrations and an index.Medicine$25
17001Hertzler, Arthur E.Surgical Operations With Local AnesthesiaSurgery Publishing CompanyVery good. Faint shelf wear. No dust wrapper.There are many b&w illustrations and an index.Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesia$30
8554Hoppenfeld, Stanley, M.D.Scoliosis A Manual of Concept and TreatmentJ. B. Lippincott Company 1967 with 113 pages, illustrations and an index.Very good. Owner's book plate and one line rubber name stamp. In a fair dust wrapper that has a 1/2 inch chunk missing from the bottom of the spine and light shelf wear, fading.Scoliosis, medicineScoliosis, medicine$20

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
8554Hoppenfeld, Stanley, M.D.Scoliosis A Manual of Concept and TreatmentJ. B. Lippincott Company 1967 with 113 pages, illustrations and an index.Very good. Owner's book plate and one line rubber name stamp. In a fair dust wrapper that has a 1/2 inch chunk missing from the bottom of the spine and light shelf wear, fading.Scoliosis, medicineScoliosis, medicine$20
15385Jagelman, David G., editorMucosal Ulcerative ColitisFuturaVery good. No dust wrapper.Mucosal Ulcerative Colitis. Many b&w photos, a few color photos, references and an index.Medicine, Ulcerative Colitis$20
6659Johnson, Stephen L.The History of Cardiac Surgery 1896-1955The Johns Hopkins Press 1970 with 201 pages, illustrations, notes and an index.Very good. Top corners lightly bumped. In a fair to good, stained and chipped dust wrapper.The History of Cardiac Surgery. There are many illustrations, notes and an index.Surgery, Medicine, Cardiac Surgery$35
No Image

13942Kopeloff, Nicholas, Ph.D.Bacteriology in NeuropsychiatryCharles C ThomasGood. Light shelf wear and soiling. Very occasional margin marks. Spine lettering faded. No dust wrapper.Medicine, Bacteriology, NeuropsychiatryMedicine, Bacteriology, Neuropsychiatry$20
15181Lawson-Wood, Denis & Joyce Lawson-WoodThe Five Elements Of Acupuncture And Chinese MassageHealth Science PressVery good. In a fair to good dust wrapper with some tears and soiling.Acupuncture and Chinese massage. There is a fold-out acupuncture chart.Acupuncture, Massage, alternative medicine, alternative healing$20
6410Lichtlen, P.R.Adalat A Comprehensive ReviewSpringer-Verlag 1991 with 237 pages and an index.Very good to fine in a very good dust wrapper.Adalat A Comprehensive Review. There are many charts, tables and graphs. NifedipineAdalat, medicine, nifedipine$30
8555Lodwick, Gwilym S., M.D., and Sidney W. Nelson, M.D.Symposia In Radiology For The Orthopedic SurgeonW. B. Saunders Company 1966 with 454 pages, b&w photos and an index.Good. 12 early pages have moderate yellow highlightling. No dust wrapper.Medicine, Orthopedic, surgeryMedicine, Orthopedic, surgery$20
12567Lowenthal, Albert A., M.D.Endocrine Glands and Sexual ProblemsSelf-PublishedGood. Covers have shelf wear. Spine lettering and decoration have faded. No dust wrapper.Endocrint Glands and Sexual Problems, there's an index.Medicine, Endocrine$20
7372McClintock, James A., M.D.ClintVantage Press 1991 with 75 pages.Fine. In a fine dust wrapper.Autobiography. A medical doctor who served in WW2, a combat surgeon in the Pacific. Autobiography, WW2, medicine, USN, United States Navy$30
No Image

8960Meites, SamuelOtto Folin America's First Clinical BiochemistAACC Press 1989 with 428 pages and illustrations. A long inscription by the author.Very good. Top of spine is bumped. No dust wrapper.Otto Folin, biography, Medicine, Clinical BiochemistOtto Folin, biography, Medicine, Clinical Biochemist$20
13067Merck Sharp & DohmePneumococcal Pneumonia And Polysaccharide VaccinesMerck Sharp & DohmeGood. Light scraping on the edges of the front part of the spine.Medicine. There are many tables and charts.Medicine, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, Polysaccharide Vaccines$30
7980Noltenius, Harald W.Manual of OncologyUrban & Schwarzenberg 1981 2 volume set, 9 X 11 inches, total of 1821 pages, many illustrations, index.Good. Vol. 1 has 5 pages that are lightly creased vertically. Volume 1 also has a very faint dent on the top of the spine. Volume 2 has a small ink spot on the spine. Both are in very good to fine dust wrappers.Medicine, Cancer, OncologyMedicine, Cancer, Oncology$75
14580Ohsawa, GeorgeAcupuncture and the Philosophy of the Far EastTao BooksVery good.Acupuncture. There are a few illustrations.Acupuncture, alternative medicine$20
17049Perotto, Aldo O., M.D.Anatomical Guide For The Electromyographer The Limbs and TrunkCharles C. ThomasVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.There are many pen & ink sketches and an appendix.Medicine, Electromyography$40
17076Quinn, Thomas C., David A. Baker, Elizabeth B. Connell, Sam A. NixonClinical Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases [4 Volume Box Set]Burroughs Wellcome Co.Good. In a good slip-case.Volume 1: diagnosis of Sexually Transmimtted Diseases, Volume 2: Treatment and Management of STDs, Volume 3: Taking a Sexual History to Assess Risk for STD, Volume 4: Counseling Patients...There are references and color photos.Medicine, STDs$40
No Image

16833Rapgay, Dr. LobsangTibetan Medicine A holistic Approach to Better HealthSelf-publishedGood. Light shelf wear and soiling.Tibetian Medicine.Medicine, Tibetian medicine, alternative medicine$40
10411Research Staff of F&S Press, with Michael H. TurkOccupational Medicine Surveillance, Diagnosis and TreatmentF & S PressVery good. Owner's name in ink inside. No dust wrapper.1982 first printing hardback with 238 pages, tables, appendicies, bibliography and an index. ISBN 0-86621-005-9Occupational Medicine$25
6690Robinson, G. CanbyAdventures in Medical Education A Personal Narrative of the Great Advance of American MedicineHarvard University 1957 with 338 pages, b&w photos and an index.Good. Covers lightly soiled and worn. In a chipped, soiled dust wrapper.Autobiography, Medicine. There are b&w photos and an index.Autobiography, Medicine$20
No Image

16587Sakabe, Yoshio, M.D.Night Autopsy Room Seven Tales Of Life, Death, And HopeCross Cultural Publications, Inc.Very good. Price sticker residue on the front, free endpaper. In a good dust wrapper.Night Autopsy Room...the author's signature is on the front free endpaperAutopsy, Medicine$25
8084Schwedel, John Bernard, M.D.Ecg Interpretation Volume 2Warner - Chilcott 1968 with 43 pages and ads.Good to very good. No dust wrapper. Small one line owner's rubber name stamp in front.Medicine, ecgMedicine, ecg$17
11316Sharp, Dr. P.H.The Pains of RheumatismHealth Science PressVery good. Faint wear on the top and bottom of the spine. In a fair to good dust wrapper that has a small missing section on the top of the front and a larger one on the back bottom.An Homoeopathic look at Rheumatism. The inside of the dust wrapper has a list of other Homoeopathic books. This book is small, 4 x 6.5 inches.Homoeopathic, Alternative medicine, Rheumatism, medicine$30
8222Snapper, I., and A. KahnMyelomatosis Fundamentals And Clinical FeaturesUniversity Park PressGood. Owner's small one line rubber name stamp on top, front, bottom edges of the pages and once inside. In a poor but complete dust wrapper.Myelomatosis , medicineMyelomatosis , medicine$20
11671Sosa, IngeborgPerspectives On The Gulf War The Journal Of The US Army Medical DepartmentThe Journal Of The US Army Medical DepartmentVery good. No dust wrapper.This 8 x 10 inch book has many photos, illustrations and tables. There's a long inscription from the editor and a transmittal note from Headquarters 7th Medical Command Unit 29218. The Army Medical Corps in Desert StormMedicine, Military medicine, Desert Storm, Iraq, Middle East$30
8304Spaet, Theodore H., M.D., editorProgress In Hemostasis And Thrombosis Volume 1Grune & Stratton 1972 with 257 pages, b&w photos and an index.Good. with light shelf wear top and bottom of the spine. Owner's 2 line rubber stamp and the original price in ink inside. Owner's two line rubber stamp on the top edges of the pages.Medicine, Hemostasis, Thrombosis Medicine, Hemostasis, Thrombosis $20
13840Starr, M. Allen, M.D.Synopsis of Lectures Upon Diseases of the Nervous SystemJames T. DoughertyGood. The covers have some soiling and shelf wear. Previous owner's name and address in ink. There is quite a bit of underlining, notes in the margin and doodling. No dust wrapper.Diseases of the nervous system. The annotations and doodling, the latter quite fun, were by the first owner, Dr. Philip Gillett Cole, College of Physicians & Surgeons, NYC, 1908Nervous System, Medicine, Dr. Philip Gillet Cole$40

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Vendor SKUAuthorTitlePublisherConditionDescriptionKeywords(s)PriceImage
16526Thomson, James E. M., M.D.Lectures On Peace and War Orthopedic SurgeryAmerican Academy of Orthopedic SurgeonsGood. Covers and spine have some shelf wear. Owner's name and address in ink inside.8.5 x 11 inches with many illustrations of orthopedic surgery.Orthopedic surgery, medicine$30
9430Tura, Sante. and Michele Baccarani, editorsProceedings of an International Symposium On Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Sponsored By The Italian Society of HaematologySt. Orsola University Hospital, Bologna, Italy 1972 with 206 pages, photos, tables, index.Very good. Owner's 2 line rubber stamp inside. No dust wrapper.Proceedings of an International Symposium On Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Sponsored By The Italian Society of Haematology Myeloid Leukaemia ,The Italian Society of Haematology, medicine$35
13918Van Andel, Dr. M. A.Chirurgijns, Vrije Meesters, Beunhazen En KwakzalversP. N. Van Kampen & ZoonVery good. One spot on the front cover gutter. No dust wrapper.In Dutch. There are 10 illustrations and notes, surgery in Holland from 1400 to 1800. From the Patria Series of Dutch cultrural History. Volume 27Dutch, medicine, surgery$20
6186Warner, Chas. W.QuacksSelf published 1938 12th printing with 208 pages and an index.Good with light shelf wear. Owner inscription, owner address label and owner embossing stamp inside. No dust wrapper.Quacks. The author takes on the medical profession, religious quacks and more.medicine$20
10907Wilson, G. S., with Appendicies and Notes by Herta Schwabacher, C. C. Okell, and E. A. Privy Council Medical Research Council Tuberculous BacillaemiaHis Majesty's Stationery Office Good with light shelf wear and soiling on the covers. Owner's name in ink on the front cover. Top and bottom of the spine is torn for 3/4 of an inch. 1933, 6 x 9.5 inch paper back with 146 pages, 2 b&w illustrations, references and a list of publications.Medicine, Tuberculous$30
11681Wright, Violet DianneA Study Comparing The Rankings Of Opinions Of Staff Nurses And Senior Collegiate Nursing Students Of Certain Job Factors Relating to Job SatisfactionSelf-publishedVery good. Pages are yellowing. No dust wrapper.A masters thesis for the University of Washington School of Nursing. There is a bibliography and appendicies.Nursing, Masters thesis, Pacific Northwest, Washington State, medicine$20
11354Yavitz, Karen BaskinEnglish-Spanish Handbook for Medical PersonnelSelf-publishedGood with some shelf wear and soiling. There is writing inside. Some forms and answers are filled in in pencilThis book is 8.5 x 11 inchs, spiral bound, with exercises and explanations.English-Spanish, Medicine$20

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