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Last modified September 21, 2021

11801 Kaba-Hamsy, Shaffie and Delia Tower , Denison Life April 1930, December 1930, February 1931, April 1930 Picture
Each issue is 6 x 9 ins., articles about Denison House, 923 Tlyer St., Boston, MA, social work, ads from Boston businesses. A settlement movement home with a goal of rich and poor working and living together. $20.00

11778 Kaiser Frazer , Kaiser Frazer Picture
3.25 x 5.5 inch uncirculated postcard from the Frenchburg Motor Company in Frenchburg, Kentucky, for Kaiser and Frazer cars. $20.00

13541 Kaiser Wilhelm II , Two postcards of Kaiser Wilhelm II posted in Germany 1914, 1915 Picture
Kaiser Wilhelm II postcards mailed to Fulda, Germany $20.00

16131 Kalfahs, Darlene and Marylyn Olson , Scarlet Feather 1952 Central High School Red Wing, Minnesota Picture
7.5 x 10.75 inches, a High School Yearbook for Central High School, Red Wing, Minnesota. $50.00

13305 Kalifornsky, Peter , Kahtnuht'ana Qenaga The Kenai People's Language Picture
7 x 8.5 inches, plastic comb binding, signed and dated by Kalifornsky, 7 - 12- 79. Edited by Jim Kari with photographs by Mary Nissen. A book on the Kenai Alaska People's language. $100.00

13306 Kalifornsky, Peter , K'ela Sukdu Mouse Story Picture
7 x 8.5 inches, signed by the author on 7-14-79, The Mouse Story in Tanaina Language $50.00

13307 Kalifornsky, Peter , Ch'enlahi Sukdu The Gambling Story Picture
7 x 8.5 inches, signed by the author on 7-12-79, The Gambling Story in Tanaina Language. $50.00

14012 Kallenbach , That Men May See A Series of Sermons Picture
Sermons by a blind preacher. Inscribed by the author. $20.00

14163 Kamath, Suryanath U, Chief Editor , Gazetteer Of India Government of Karnataka State Gazetteer Belgaum District Picture
A massive book on the Belgaum District, Karnatka State, India, with many b&w photos, tables and other information. There's also a 13.5 x 15.5 inch map in a back pocket. $75.00

13440 Kanagaraj, Jey J., editor , Unfailing Vision: The Story Of Union Biblical Seminary Picture
The story of Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, India. There are many b&w and color photos of this Christian school in India. $20.00

11216 Kanahele, Annie , Annie, Life of a Hawaiian Picture
The author's inscription is "Mahalo neii Aloha Pumehana Annie Kanahele." There are many b&w photos, a glossary and a bibliography. $50.00

12800 Kanane, Mary C. , Come Along With me A Centennial Pilgrimage Tour Picture
A Catholic pilgrimage tour to Rome and other sites including the 1958 world's fair in Brussels. There are b&w photos. $20.00

15854 Kandel, I. L. , History of Secondary Education Picture
The subtitle: 'A Study in the Development of Liberal Education' $20.00

16267 Kandel, Isaac L. , The Dilemma Of Democracy The Inglis Lecture, 1934 Picture
Democracy. The Inglis Lecture $25.00

10392 Kaneda, Kazuo , Over Shadowed Journey An Amazing Account of Hither To Unrevealed War-Time Experiences of a Japanese Minister Picture
1963 hardback with 159 pages and b&w photos. Japanese Christian ministers experiences in WW2. Sunk by American Submarines, stationed in the Celebes, Indonesia. $30.00

11253 Kaneda, Kazuo , Over Shadowed Journey An Amazing Account of Hither To Unrevealed War-Time Experiences of a Japanese Minister Picture
1963 hardback with 159 pages and b&w photos. Japanese Christian ministers experiences in WW2. Sunk by American Submarines, stationed in the Celebes, Indonesia. $35.00

13964 Kannowski, Paul B. , Wildflowers Of North Dakota Picture
Wildflowers of North Dakota. Many color pictures, maps, references and an index. $75.00

13522 Kanon, U. D., and H. M. Lugard , De Band Die Bindt U.D. Zeventig Jarr U.D. Picture
A history of the Utile Dulci, U. D., the Royal UD, cricket and football club in Deventer, Holland. There are many b&w photos. $30.00

14860 Kao, George, editor , Two Writers and the Cultural Revolution Lao She and Chen Jo-hsi Picture
Chinese literature. The last 40 some pages are in Chinese. $75.00

14842 Karagosian, Arpenia and Araxi Hubbard Dutton Palmer , Triumph From Tragedy Picture
The Armenian Massacre, Genocide, many b&w photos. There's a 5 line inscription by the author, Palmer. $20.00

16110 Karni, Michael G., editor , Finnish Americana A Journal of Finnish American History And Culture Volume II Picture
Finnish Americana. There are a few b&w photos... $20.00

5568 Karsh , Faces of Destiny Portraits by Karsh Picture
Karsh's photography of the rich and famous. $20.00

10717 Kauffman, Linda , South San Francisco Picture
1976 paperback, 8.5 x 11 inches, signed by the author, with 104 pages and sepia photos. A history of South San Francisco, California. $35.00

14963 Kavi, Nand , The Message of My Soul Solution Of the Problem of Peace And War Picture
Poetry. The author's signature is on the back cover. Bhuddism, Yoga $25.00

12811 Kawasaki Motors Corp. , Kawasaki Motorcycle Literature, 1978 Picture
Kawasaki Motorcycle Literature from 1978, two pieces. Kawasaki Off-Road motorcycles, 2 fold, 17 x 22 inches, both sides, with 6 bikes represented. Kawasaki Street Motorcycles, 3 fold, 25 x 22 inches, both sides, with 11 bikes featured. $25.00

16127 Kawato, Masajiro , Bye Bye Black Sheep Picture
Kawato, a Japanese Zero pilot, shot down Gregory "Pappy" Boyington in WW2. There's a 7 line inscription by the author from 1991 in both Japanese and English. $20.00

11168 Keating, Tom , Indiana Faces And Other Places Picture
Inscribed "Best Wishes Tom Keating" Keating was an Indiana newspaper columnist. $25.00

14563 Keen, Effie R., editor , The Arizona Historical Review Vol. V. October 1932 No. 3 Picture
Arizona history $20.00

13570 Kefauver, Estes , Signed Letter to Congressman George E. Outland On United States Senate letterhead Picture
8 x 10.5 inches, a letter to George Outland with an invitation to stop by for a visit. Kefauver was a Tennessee Politician who was in both the House and Senate and was also a candidate for President. $30.00

7409 Keith-Shaw, Duncan , Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Picture
Neville Chamberlain, England, Politics $15.00

16320 Keller, W. Phillip , Expendable! Picture
"With God on the Prairies: the Ministry of Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada." There are many b&w photos. $20.00

13203 Kelley, Dr. William Franklin and Harriet McCollum-Gossow , Federated Psychology Clubs, Six Booklets Picture
Six 5.5 to 8.5 (and a little smaller) booklets on psychology. Lessons 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion, The Cell theory of Body Building, The Law of Mental Medicine, The Subconscious Mind, and Nerve Energy. McCollum-Gossow is Presid $50.00

15248 Kelli, Cactus , Pioneer Women, Miners and Thieves Picture
The subtitle: Golden Niggets of History from the Great Arizona Outback. McMullen Valley, Harcuvar mountains. B&w photos, a map, and Salome are referenced. There are footnotes. Signed by the author. $50.00

10669 Kelly, Regina Z. , Chicago Big-Shouldered City Picture
1962 hardback, inscribed by the author, with 158 pages, illustrations by Frank Alise, bibliography and endpaper decorations. $20.00

14838 Kempf, Julius , Neue Wohnhouser im Gebirgsstil Picture
8 x 11 inches architectural plans for chalets with b&w photos and floor plans. In German $20.00

13026 Kennedy, Bessie L. , Centennial History The First Baptist Church Las Cruces, New Mexico 1899 - 1999 Picture
A history of the First Baptist church in Las Cruces with many b&w photos. $20.00

14617 Kennedy, Bruce Lee , Safari Koa Chui Picture
A record of a Safari in Kenya and Tanganykia, Africa in 1960. There are illustrations byLowell Hanson. $50.00

7014 Kennedy, Charles Rann , The Army With Banners Picture
The Army With Banners $10.00

15268 Kennedy, Ron , My Glimpses Of Family Past Picture
Ron Kennedy's genealogy. There are many b&w photos and eight appendicies. $20.00

12578 Kenny-Freeman, Jeanne , The Mother The Refining Fires of Rachelin Colby Picture
Fiction. Inscribed "To Nancy with much love, Jeanne." $30.00

12571 Keppler, Herbert , Keppler On The Eye-Level Reflex Picture
Single and twin lense reflex photography. There are many b&w photos, interesting shots of old cameras and an index. $20.00

10750 Keramic Supply Co. , Colors and Coloring in China Painting Picture
1918 revised 5th edition stapled paperback, 5 x 7.5 inches, with 48 pages. Enameling, ceramics, keramics. $30.00

13455 Kermath Manufacturing Company , 1946 Condensed Specifications Marine Engines by Kermath Picture
8.5 x 11 inches with pictures and line drawings of Kermath Marine Engines for 1946. There are specifications and measurements. $30.00

13907 Kernkamp, Dr. G. W. , Prins Willem II Picture
In Dutch. There are 14 illustrations. Prince Willem II. From the Patria Series of Dutch cultrural History. Volume 33 $20.00

14158 Kerrigan, Philip, editor , Private Press Books 1990 Picture
Private press books in 1990. There's a cumulative index and a regular index. $30.00

11060 Kettle River History Club , Old & New Reflections of the Kettle River Region Picture
1984 paperback, 8.5 x 11 inches, with 380 pages, b&w photos and maps. History of North Central Washington State. Bodie, Curlew, Danville, Ferry, Mal, Toroda. A history of mining in the area as well. $25.00

10328 Keynes, Milton , Put Options Picture
1976 hardback with 168 pages, charts, tables and graphs. $20.00

14404 Keys, T. H. , Triumph Of Resistance Picture
Fiction $20.00

14904 Keys, W. Scott , Borehole Geophysics Applied To Ground-water Investigations Picture
Borehole Geophysics. There are many tables, graphs, references a glossary and an index. $50.00

13766 Khan, M. Afzal, Lt. Col. , Chitral and Kafiristan Picture
There are 3 fold-out maps and b&w photos of Chitral and Kafiristan $25.00

13249 KHO Ltd. , Mactepckhe KHO Ltd. Artistic Workshop Catelog Picture
8.5 x 11.75 inches, a trade catalog for KHO Steel engravers in Russia. Mostly knives. In Russian and English $25.00

10215 Kiefer, Charles , Tow Each His Own Picture
1968 hardback with 107 pages and b&w photos. Airstream trailers, Airstream Caravans, Recreation Vehicle. $75.00

14501 Kiefer, Charles , Tow Each His Own Picture
1968 hardback with 107 pages and b&w photos. Airstream trailers, Airstream Caravans, Recreation Vehicle. $50.00

15844 Kiekhaefer , Kiekhaefer Mercury Outboard Motors Accessories Picture
Mercury outboard motor accessories in 1956. Tables, part numbers and photos. $20.00

15845 Kiekhaefer Mercury , Merc 60, Accessories list, sales tags Picture
Merc 60 operation and maintenance manual with numerous illustrations. A separate accessories brochure and an original sales tag of $256.50 for the engine. $30.00

5725 Kieppe, Clarence Eugene , The Canadian Climate Picture
The Canadian climate. There are photos, charts, graphs and an index. $15.00

13763 Kight, Pat, with Daniel G. Burk , The Flight of Time Picture
7 x 7 inches, an history of Benton County, Oregon with many b&w photos. This is copy 397 of 999 signed by author Pat Kight $20.00

11566 Kilbourne, Edwin W. , Bridge Across The Century Volume One Japan Korea China Picture
A history of the OMF, Oriental Missionary Society, by one of it's founders. There are 20 pages of b&w photos, and an addendum. There's a tipped in note from the author on one page and the author has also left an inscription on the title page. $40.00

11567 Kilbourne, Edwin W. , Bridge Across The Century Volume One Japan Korea China Picture
A history of the OMF, Oriental Missionary Society, by one of it's founders. There are 20 pages of b&w photos, and an addendum. $20.00

15138 Kim, Penny Young Sook, Richard A. Schaefer and Charles Mills , Though Bombs May Fall The Extraordinary Story of George Rue, missionary Doctor to Korea Picture
Dr. Rue was a Seventh-Day Adventist medical missionary in Korea. There are many b&w photos. The doctor's wife Grace has inscribed this copy. $20.00

13974 Kimmell, Todd B. and Kristin P. , Lost Highways, Issues no. one and 2 Picture
8.5 x 11 inches with many b&w photos on old recreation vehicles and travel. $20.00

14668 King, Doris M. , I will Build Myself A Farm Picture
Moving to a family farm Minnesota in the 1970s. There are b&w photos. No title page? $20.00

16328 King, Henry C. , The History of the Telescope Picture
7.25 x 10 inch history of the telescope with many b&w photos, illustrations and an index. $40.00

13089 King, Sally and Sue Killen, editors , Proceedings of Solar 79 Northwest August 10-12, 1979 Seattle, Washington with supplement Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, solar power, with many charts, graphs, tables, maps and other information. $20.00

15709 Kingsbury, F. G. , Funeral Hymns and Songs Picture
A slender book with 65 funeral hymns and songs. $20.00

5564 Kinkead, Robert E. , Practical Design for Arc Welding Volume 1 Picture
Arc welding $30.00

10982 Kinney, Kenneth, editor , Garfield Gleaner January-1921 Vol. VII Number 1 Picture
1921 stapled paperback, 7 x 10.5 inches, with 23 pages and b&w photos. Garfield School, Berkeley California, yearbook. $30.00

14464 Kirby, Richardson , Amanda Richardson Porphyry Tapestries And Watercolor Paintings Picture
Amanda Richardson art. Illustrations. $20.00

13571 Kirkendall, Lester A. , Signed Letter to Congressman George E. Outland on a The Association For Family Living letterhead Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, a letter of introduction to Congressman George Outland along with a carbon copy of Outland's response and a carbon copy of Kirkendall's letter to another congressman. A pioneering sociologist in who taught sex education in the 1920s . $20.00

11115 Kirkham, E. Kay , A Survey of American Church Records Revised IV Edition Picture
1978 hardback, 8.5 x 11 inches, with 344 pages. Genealogy through church records. $20.00

15713 Kirkham, Francis W. , A New Witness For Christ in America "The Book of Mormon" Picture
Author signature. The Book of Mormon. There's an appendix and an index. $20.00

13812 Kistler's , Kistler's ink blotters, 1945, 1946 and 1947 Picture
8.5 x 3.75 for two cards, 7.25 x 3 and 5/8 for 1947. Kistler's, an office supply company in downtown Denver. $20.00

15009 Kittredge, William , Balancing Water Restoring The Klamath Basin Picture
10 x 12.5 inches, beautiful photography and text on the Klamath Basin. This copy is inscribed and signed by Madeleine Graham Blake, one of the photographers. $35.00

14880 Kizer, Carolyn , Hilda Morris Recent Bronzes Picture
8.5 x 8.75, an exhibition catalog for Hilda Morris. There are b&w photos $20.00

13081 Kjellberg, Sven , Skaneland Picture
Sweden in pictures, both color and b&w, in he late 1940s and early 50s. 9 x 12 inches. $30.00

14227 Klaas, Joe , They Can't Do This Picture
1946 Program for student Joe Klaas's original musical show. A precursor to his book on WW2, Maybe I'm Dead. $20.00

12945 Klehfoth, Jay, Editor , The Vintage Ford, 11 issues Picture
8.25 x 11 inches with many interesting articles on Model T Fords. There are numerous b&w and color photos. Vol. 33 no. 2, 3,4,5,6, Vol. 34 no. 1,4,5,6, Vol. 35 no. 1 and 3. $50.00

16001 Klein, Jerome E. and Norman Reader , Biograf Travelog Scrapbook/Album Eukropoe and Israel Picture
9 x 11.5 inches with many b&w photos of Europe and Israel in the 1960s. A page of photos followed by a blank page for the scrapbook part. The scrapbook part wasn't used in this copy. $25.00

8412 Kleiner, Theodore , To Break The Barrier A Historical Novel Of A Hero's Triumph Over Bigotry and Tyranny Picture
Historical Fiction $20.00

14940 Klenck, Dee , Idaho's Patch One Man's Heritage Picture
Family history and genealogy. Patch , Allerton families and more. There are b&w photos. Idaho $20.00

15245 Kline, Helen , Grandma Ida Picture
Historical fiction about life in early Colorado $20.00

15042 Kloos, Willem , Jacques Perk Gedichten Picture
Poetry in Dutch. B&w photos of the author's manuscripts. $20.00

13294 Klump, Kathy and Peta-Anne Tenney , Images of America Willcox Picture
A history, with many B&W photos, of Wilcox, Arizona. $25.00

15281 Klump, Kathy and Peta-Anne Tenney , Images of America Willcox Picture
A pictorial history of Wilcox, Arizona. Signed by both authors. There's a bibliography. $30.00

11768 Knapp, Joseph G. and John H. Lister , Cooperative Purchasing of Farm Supplies Picture
There are several pictures, a map tables and a separate form letter to teachers of vocational agriculture. $20.00

10161 Knight, Clayton, and Robert C. Durham , Hitch Your Wagon The Story of Bernt Balchen Picture
1950 hardback, inscribed by Balchen, with 332 pages, b&w photos and end paper maps. Biography. Antarctic, WW2, WWII, Alaska, OSS. $40.00

12694 Knipe, Larry, Sales Manager , Ultra Van Recreation Vehicle Literature Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, an advertising letter from Ultra, Inc., about their Ultra Van, mostly fluff. There are also two copies of a specifications - order form, one to send and one to keep. $20.00

12159 Knoble, Jack R. , Santa Barbara Panorama ... A Complete Guide Picture
This 11 x 8.5 brochure has many color and b&w photos as well as illustrations and maps. There's a long list of businesses. $20.00

10921 Knoedler, Virginia L. , Gold Dust and Eggs Picture
1976 paperback with 122 pages, a few pages of autobiography about her family in Nebraska, grandpa Gus Matz, and her later life in Oregon. Several pages of misc....Cooking and recipes $25.00

10370 Knoflach, Augustin , Spanish Simplified The Playing Card Method of Learning Spainsh Picture
1941 5th printing hardback with 64 pages. $20.00

15563 Knott, James Proctor , History of Pasadena College Picture
A history of Pasadena College. There are b&w photos. $20.00

12869 Knowles, Frederic Lawrence, editor , The Value of Friendship Picture
Many authors on the subject of friendship with religious overtones. $20.00

13258 Knowlton, Smokey , River Love The Colorado River From The Rockies 1,450 Miles To Mexico Picture
12 x 9 inches, many photos and maps of the Colorado River and rafting. Signed by Smokey and one other family member. $25.00

11619 Knutsen, Torbjorn L. , A History Of International Relations Theory Picture
International Relations theory. Bibliography and an index. $20.00

11726 Kobbe, Gustav , Lohengrin On The Aeolian Pipe-Organ Picture
6.5 x 7.25 inches. There's a frontis illustration of Richard Wagner. There are four chapters and a list: "Lohengrin" Rolls For Aeolian Pipe-Organ. Chapter 1. The Aeolian Pipe-Organ Production Of Richard Wagner's "Lohengrin" 2. Composition And First Pe $60.00

15981 Kobell, Louise Von , Conversations of Dr. Dollinger. Picture
A German Catholic priest who rejected the dogma of papal infallibility. There's a frontis photo of the Dr. and others. $30.00

11531 Kochanski, Wladimir Jan , The People's Pianist The Story of Wladimir Jan Kochanski Picture
An autobiography of Wladimir Jan Kochanski, concert pianist. Inscribed to " old friend..." $20.00

11800 Kodak , Criminal Detection Devices Employing Photography Picture
5.75 x 8.5 inches brochure on the use of photography in criminal detection. B&w photos, illustrations and electronic schematics. $20.00

14109 Kodak , The Modern Way In Picture Making Picture
A fascinating look at photography in 1905 with many b&w illustrations covering subject mater, chemistry and more. $20.00

14330 Koelbel, Lenora , Missoula the Way It Was Picture
8.5 x 11 inch history of Missoula, Montana with many b&w photos, a bibliograpy and an index. Inscribed and dated by the author on the front free end paper. $25.00

13340 Koenig, Robert F. , Camera Studies of Freeport Illinois Picture
B&w photos of Freeport, Illinois with accompanying vignettes by various citizens. $30.00

15755 Koert, Dorothy , The Lyric Singer A Biography of Ella Higginson Picture
A biography of early Washington State author, Ella Higginson. There are b&w photos and a bibliography. $20.00

15394 Kohler , Kohler Electric Plants Operation and Maintenance Manual and Parts Catalog for Models 3A21 - 3R21 - 3M21 115 volt, A. C. 60 Cycle Picture
Kohler electric plant manual with many b&w photos. $20.00

15395 Kohler , Kohler Of Kohler Electric Plants Instructions for Operation and Care and Price List of Parts for 1 1/2 KVA Models Picture
Kohler electric plant manual with many b&w photos. $20.00

14030 Kohlmoos, William , Sun & Wind and The Life I Love Picture
The autobiography of William Kohlmoos. There are many b&w photos. $20.00

12573 Kohn, Hugh B., Ph.D. , Clinical Applications Of Hypnosis A Manual for the Health Professional Picture
Hypnosis. This book contains an index. $30.00

13173 Kohn, Hugh, Ph.D , Modern Clinical Hypnosis An Educational Brochure Picture
4 x 9 inches, an explanation of clinical hypnosis. $20.00

10887 Kollwitz, Kathe , Jake Zeitlin Bookshop And Gallery: 1937 Picture
1979 paperback, 9 x 10.5 inches, with 63 pages, many b&w photos, illustrations and a bibliography. $20.00

11668 Koopers , Lighthouses Chronicles Of Construction On Coastal Promontories And Wave-Swept Rocks Picture
This 7 x 12 inch stapled paperback has 10 pages and 6 fold-outs of Lighthouse illustrations, plans and information. Eddystone, Skerryvore Rock, Minot's Ledge Lighthouse,Wolfrock Lighthouse, The Tillamook Light (Oregon) , and the lighthouse at Spectacle Re $20.00

13942 Kopeloff, Nicholas, Ph.D. , Bacteriology in Neuropsychiatry Picture
Medicine, Bacteriology, Neuropsychiatry $20.00

14794 Korean Children's Choir , Echo From The Land Of Morning Calm 7 inch EP record Picture
A record by the Korean Children's Choir. Titles are...Toraji, The Moon, Boat Song and Arirang. $20.00

11771 Korean Overseas Information Service , Secret Tunnel Under Panmunjom North Korea's Third Invasion Passage Discovered Picture
61 pages with many b&w and color photos of the tunnel. $20.00

10502 Korolenko, V. , Children of the Vaults Picture
No date paperback with 68 pages and illustrations. Children's abridged edition of the authors story "In Bad Society." Russian, Soviet , juvilile literature. $25.00

12711 Koseruba, Bonnie, with Louis B. Reynolds , No Time For Fear Picture
The Story of One Woman's Pilgrimage of Faith and Her Service to God and Man in the Cradle of an Ancient Mayan Civilization. This copy is inscribed by the author and has a color picture of her with friends attached to the inside front cover. $50.00

15741 Kosh, Davina , Poems by Davina Kosh Picture
6 x 9 inch book of poetry. There's a 5 line inscription by the author. $20.00

13938 Kossmann, Dr. F. K. H. , De Nederlandsche Straatzanger Picture
In Dutch. There are 11 illustrations and a list of songs. Street singers. From the Patria Series of Dutch cultrural History. Volume 26 $20.00

14071 Kostrukoff, Nicholas , Gen. Platoff Don Cossack Chorus Picture
9 x 12 stapled souvenir program with many b&w photos. $20.00

15985 Kotsching, Walter M. , Unemployment In The Learned Professions Picture
Unemployment $20.00

14733 Koyama, Itoko , Nagako Empress of Japan Picture
A biography of Nagako, Empress of Japan. $20.00

14199 Kraft, Howard, as told to Larry Gettman , The Liberator Miracle of Survival The Story of Howard Kraft Picture
Autobiography of Howard Kraft, B-24 Liberator navigator in WW2 Africa and Italy and Phoenix, and an Arizona businessman. There are b&w photos. Inscribed by the author. $20.00

8975 Kramer, Jaap,Wim de Bruijn and Theo Kampa , Zwervend Over de Wadden Picture
Zwervend Over de Wadden $20.00

13476 Kratochwil, Irene , Twenty one love letters to Chester E. Wilmore, SF2, USN Picture
Twenty one letters from Irene Kratochwil in Central Falls, Rhode Island to Chester E. Wilmore in Oregon. She accepts a marriage proposal and asks for money to come out to Oregon. In letter 20 she sends the money back and says she has to stay true to her $40.00

12115 Krautz, Fred , Polymer-Fibrous Glass Composites: Advances and Potential Properties Picture
5.5 x 8.5 inches, reprinted from Advances in Chemistry Series Number 97. There are graphs. $20.00

15465 Krebs, Bernard M. , Braille In Brief ( in 1 pamphlet) Eng. Br. Grades 1-2 Picture
10 x 11 inches, a Braille textbook (in Braille and English) $40.00

16181 Krebs, Ronald R. , Narrative and the Making of US Natioinal Security Picture
National security. There are many pages of references and an index. $20.00

13906 Krelage, E. H. , Bloemenspeculatie In Nederland De Tulpomania vn 1636-'37 en de Hyacintenhandel 1720-'36 Picture
In Dutch. There are 10 illustrations. Tulip and hyacinth mania. From the Patria Series of Dutch cultrural History. Volume 30 $20.00

13959 Krutch, Dick , The Perfect Crime Picture
Autobiography of Richard Krutch. There's a nice author inscription. There are several b&w photos. Spokane, Washington $20.00

14170 Kume, Genichi , Kintaro's Aventures Picture
Twenty 15 x 1.25 inch cards illustrated by Jyu Nonoguchi. Juvenile literature $25.00

11509 Kumlien, W. F. , The Social Problem of the Church In South Dakota Picture
The "problem" is "....our present lack of community socialization in south Dakota or our present lack of capacity and will to act together in community life." There are graphs, several maps, on of which is a fold out of all the churches in South Dakota. $20.00

10557 Kurata, Hyakuzo Translated from the Japanese by Umeyo Hirano Edited by Tsumika Maneki , Shinran Picture
1964 first edition hardback with 251 pages, with a tipped in signature of the editor. "...a significant interpretation of the Buddhist way of life.." $30.00

4894 Kyoto Seika College , We Love Kyoto Our Guide Book Picture
Kyoto, Japan $20.00

15056 L. H. Bonat , L. H. Bonat Inc. Restaurant 328-330 31st street Picture
6 x 10.5 inch double side card stock. 65 cent meals on the front, beverage list on the back. A dry martini is 30 cents. Perhaps San Francisco? $20.00

15783 L.G.B. , Catalog '93/94 25 Years Of The World of L.G.B. Picture
9.5 x 13, a profusely illustrated catalog for L.E.B. model trains/railroads. $20.00

9020 La Due, John , A Bible Scholar In Bible Lands Picture
Travel, religion, Israel $16.00

16088 La Fiesta , La Fiesta Night Club & Restaurant menu, San Francisco, circa 1940s Picture
5 x 8 inches, La Fiesta "The Latin American Quarter" Bay at Columbus, restaurant menu. Dinners are $1. $25.00

10705 La Rose, John, editor , Racism Nazism Fascism and Racial Attacks The European Response Picture
1991 stapled paperback with 43 pages. ISBN 1874252009 $25.00

14413 La Veine, Ruth , Petition for a delayed birth certificate Picture
La Veine in Anacortes, WA writes the Washington State Department of Health in Seattle, Washington, for a delayed registration involving a daughter born to Harry Coats and Sydney Jane Coats on Feb. 8, 1891, in Walla Walla, named Queen Isabel Coats. There $25.00

15874 Labaree, Leonard Woods , Conservatism In Early American History Picture
Early conservative politics $20.00

12080 Lacerte, Robert K. , Xenophobia And Economic Decline: The Haitian Case, 1820-1843 Picture
Reprinted from the April 1981 issue of "The Americas." The author has an inscription on the top left corner. Haiti and Haitian economic history. $30.00

12083 Lacerte, Robert K. , The Evolution Of Land And Labor In The Haitian Revolution, 1791-1820 Picture
Reprinted from the April 1978 issue of "The Americas." The author has an inscription on the top left corner of the title page. Haiti and Haitian Revolution history. $25.00

12004 Lackey, W. W. , Five and Thirty Years (art-de luxe Edition) Picture
Lackey was a Superintendent of Midland, Texas Public Schools. This book has autobiography, poetry and letters. There are also photos and illustrations. $25.00

15834 Lada Cars Of Canada Inc. , Lada 1500s, Niva literature Picture
8.5 x 11 inch literature for Lada cars in Canada. The Niva, the 1500s, another 8 page 1500s and a 1981 copy of Lada News. $25.00

10121 Lada-Mocarski, Valerian , Bibliography of Books On Alaska Published Before 1868 Picture
1969 first edition, 8 x 11 inches, with 567 pages, many illustrations and an index. $75.00

13207 Ladies Aid of The St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Hatton, North Dakota , Tested Recipes Picture
Plastic comb binding, there's a picture of the Hatton, North Dakota church, many recipies and 17 pages of interesting commercial ads. $25.00

9304 LaFave, Helen , Images of America Stratham Picture
History, Stratham, New Hampshire, photography. ISBN 0-7524-0999-9 $20.00

9384 Lage, Laura Tice , Sagebrush Homesteads Picture
Pacific Northwest, Washington State, Eastern Washington, Autobiography, Laura Tice Lage. History. $20.00

11703 LaGuardia, Fiorello , Letter to George E. Outland Picture
5.025 x 8 inches, this letter to Mr. Outland references a letter on "..a provision in the National Housing Act which I think you will agree works an injustice on mortagagors under the Act." LaGuardia, "The Little Flower," a Mayor of New York, congressma $100.00

7429 Lai, T.C. , Selected Chinese Sayings Picture
Selected Chinese Sayings $15.00

16266 Lake, Kirsopp , Immortality and the Modern Mind The Ingersoll Lecture, 1922 Picture
Immortality. $20.00

14357 Lambert, Edie , Millie's China Picture
A biography of Millie Lovegren, missionary to China and Macau. The are b&w photos and a long inscription by the author. $20.00

14657 Lambert, Jane , Charlie Russell The Cowboy Years Picture
Charlie Russell biography with many b&w photos, with a nice reference and index section. Inscribed by the author. $25.00

10404 Lambourne, Alfred , Plet: A Christmas Tale of the Wasatch Picture
1906 hardback reprint with 80 pages and 12 illustrations by Hiram Putnam Barnes. Poetry. Utah $20.00

13911 Lampen, Dr. W., O.F.M. , Willibrord En Zijn Tijd Tweede Druk Picture
In Dutch. There are 13 illustrations, a bibliography and index.. 'Willibrord and his time'. From the Patria Series of Dutch cultrural History. Volume 15 $20.00

13933 Lamster, J. C. , J. B. Van Heutsz Picture
In Dutch. There are 11 illustrations, notes, bibliography and a fold out map. J. B. van Heutsz. From the Patria Series of Dutch cultrural History. Volume 29 $20.00

12782 LaNave, Dave , American Portrait Picture
Autobiography of Mr. LaNave. There are several b&w photos. $20.00

12079 Lanevon, Henri , Le Fantassin Francais The French Soldier Picture
4.75 x 7 inches with an essay by Lanevon, parallel English and French text and excellent b&w photos on the French Soldier in WWI. $20.00

7943 Lang, Hans J., editor , The Link Published By The Junior Class Picture
Stevens Institute Of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey , Yearbook $30.00

15319 Langdon, Robert , Tahiti Island of Love Picture
Tahiti. There are b&w photos, bibliography and an index. Also included is a one sheet English/French driving instructions. $20.00

5441 Langston, Donna , Kaida Poems About Womanhod, Working Picture
poetry $10.00

14843 Langston, Nancy , Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares Picture
Old growth forest in the Inland West - There are b&w photos, notes, bibliography and an index. Inscribed by the author $20.00

15915 Laqueur, Thomas W. , Solitary Sex A Cultural History of Masturbation Picture
There are b&w photos and other illustrations as well as in index. $20.00

14299 Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce , Welcome to Laramie, Wyoming Picture
5.5 x 8.5 inches with b&w photos and ads for Laramie, Wyoming. $20.00

12615 Larkin, Philip , All What Jazz A Record Diary Picture
Jazz, a list of records reviewed and an index. $30.00

8910 Larose, Grace , A Stranger In this Place Picture
Autobiography of a Northwest Washington Author. There are b&w photos. $20.00

10230 Larrison, Earl J., Grace W. Patrick, William H. Baker, James A Yaich , Washington Wildflowers Picture
1974 paperback, signed by the author, (Larrison and Patrick), with 376 pages, b&w and color photos, maps and an index. ISBN 0-914516-02-7 $20.00

11117 Larsen, Henry A , The Northwest Passage Picture
!948 stapled paperback, 6 x 9 inches, with 47 pages and b&w photos. Master of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Schooner ST. Roch, 2nd to go through the Northwest Passage from Pacific To Atlantic. A Mason, this copy has a label pasted on the title page $50.00

5327 Larson, Bethene A., Editor , Threads That Bind An Oral History Project of the Park County Homemakers' Council Picture
Threads That Bind An Oral History Project of the Park County Homemakers' Council $18.00

11056 Larson, Bethene A., Editor , Threads That Bind An Oral History Project of the Park Country Homemakers' Council Picture
1989 hardback with 126 pages and many b&w photos. Park County, Colorado. $20.00

10413 Larson, John Wesley , A Long Walk With God (From the Poorfarm to the Missionfield) Picture
1987 paperback, signed by the author, with 140 pages and a few b&w photos. Autobiography, Larson was a missionary in Canton, China. $20.00

15760 Laub, Mark , Highlights Of Familiar Sacred Music for Hammond Spinet Organ Picture
9 x 12 inch book of sacred music adapted for the Hammond Organ. $20.00

13369 Laubin, Reginald and Gladys , Indian Dances of North America Picture
There are many b&w and a few color photos, illustrations and notes on Native American dancing. There's a 4 line inscription signed by both authors. $35.00

10361 Lauck, Laura Bigham , Echoes On The Winds Of Time Picture
1987 hardback with 424 pages and b&w photos. Autobiography. Donnellson, Iowa, Toledo, Ohio, Oregon. Iris breeding. Inscribed by the author to her neice Jane. $20.00

13824 Lauritzen, C. W., Frank W. Haws and Allan Humpherys , Plastic Film For Controlling Seepage Losses In Farm Reservoirs Picture
A stapled brochure with b&w photos on using plastic film for controlling seepage losses in farm reservoirs. This brochure was distributed by the Bakelite company, Division of Union Carbide Corporation $20.00

14996 Lavelett, Lucille , Through The Years At Monument, Colorado Picture
A history of Monument, Colorado with many b&w photos. $20.00

11854 Lavender, David , The Telluride Story Picture
10.5 x 8.5 inches with b&w and color photos. There's a four line author inscription. $20.00

12853 Lawler, Brian P., and Joyce Morrow, editors , Ballooning Magazine, 5 issues, 1984-1985 Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, Ballooning Magazine has great photos and advertisements. January-February 1984, March-April 1984, Spring 1985, Summer 1985 and Winter 1985. $25.00

12333 Lawrence Radiation Laboratory , Employee Handbook Picture
A 5.5 x 8 inch employee handbook from the Personell department. $20.00

7818 Lawrence, Carl with David Wang , The Coming Influence of China Picture
China, Religion.1996 paperback, inscribed by Wang, with 207 pages and b&w photos. $15.00

13516 Lawrence, Sharon, with Kathryn Prine , Old Carmel In Rare Photographs By L. S. Slevin Picture
8 x 10 inches, interesting old photos of Carmel, California. The author signed on the title page $25.00

15181 Lawson-Wood, Denis & Joyce Lawson-Wood , The Five Elements Of Acupuncture And Chinese Massage Picture
Acupuncture and Chinese massage. There is a fold-out acupuncture chart. $20.00

14451 Laxalt, Robert , Dust Devils Picture
Fiction. Signed by the author on the title page. $20.00

16112 Laxalt, Robert , A Man In The Wheatfield Picture
Fiction. There's an author inscription. $20.00

11085 Layclerc, H. W. , The Unveiling of the Apocalypse of St. John The Divine Chapter X The Angel of the Reformation Picture
1936 hardback, 7 x 9 inches, with 657 pages. $20.00

12318 Layton Homes Corporation , Layton Living Your Key To Carefree Trailering Picture
8.5 x 11 three-fold brochure for Layton Trailers. Models, floor plans and lists of equipment. $20.00

15481 Layton Homes Corporation , Layton Homes Corp. Division of Skyline Homes, Inc. Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, a brochure for Layton Travel Trailers. It lists all models and accessories but doesn't include prices. Floor plans are shown. $20.00

10886 Le Corbusier, translated by James Palmes , Le Corbusier My Work Picture
1960 hardback, 9x11 inches, with 312 pages, many b&w photos and illustrations. $20.00

16076 Le Petit Cafe, Palmer House Chicago , Le Petit Cafe, Palmer House Chicago Menu, 1944 Picture
6.5 x 10 inches, Le Petit Cafe, Palmer House Chicago, Illinois, menu. Lunch is 85 cents. Butter - only one piece to a person. (War rationing) $30.00

11549 Lea, Homer , The Valor Of Ignorance Picture
Geopolitics, China $20.00

11920 Lea, Homer , The Valor Of Ignorance Picture
Geopolitics, China $20.00

15920 Learned, William S., and William Bagley , The Professional Preparation Of Teachers For American Public Schools Picture
A Study Based Upon An Examination of Tax-Supported Normal Schools In the State of Missouri." There's a fold-out map of Missouri in front. $40.00

4523 Leblanc, Hugues , An Introduction to Deductive Logic Picture
Deductive logic $16.00

9708 Ledgerwood, Byron K. , Control Engineering Manual Picture
Engineering, Control Engineering $15.00

15520 Ledgerwood, Charles B. , Reliable Seeds For 54 Years 1988 Picture
A 1988 seed catalog. There are line drawings. $20.00

3624 Lee, H.T. , The Story of Chinese Culture Picture
Chinese culture $20.00

12555 Lee, Jennette , The Chinese Coat Picture
Fiction by Jennette Lee $20.00

15570 Lee, Mmin Jai, editor , Nature in Korea Picture
Approximately 8 x 10 inches, in both Korean and English, with many color photos, Nature in Korea $35.00

16285 Lee, Otis , Existence and Inquiry A Study of Thought in the Modern World Picture
Philosophy $20.00

5715 Leffingwell, W. H., S. Roland Hall, George French and Clowry Chapman , Advertising Management International Library of Technology 469B Picture
There are illustrations and forms. This is the International Library of Technology 469b $25.00

10547 Leffler, John Compton , Go Into The City Sermons For A Strenuous Age Picture
1986 hardback, inscribed by the author, with 261 pages. ISBN 0-88089-014-2 $20.00

15364 Lehigh Valley Railroad , Six Lehigh Valley Railroad Passes - 1903 to 1909 Picture
Lehigh Valley Railroad passes. 1903, 1904,1905, 1906,1907 and 1909. The first 3 are brakeman employee passes, the 2nd 3 are Conductor employee passes. $25.00

15365 Lehigh Valley Railroad , Eight Lehigh Valley Railroad Passes - 1910 to 1919 Picture
Lehigh Valley Railroad passes. 1910, 1913, 1914, 1915,1916,1917, 1918 and 1919 . Conductor employee passes. $35.00

15366 Lehigh Valley Railroad , Ten Lehigh Valley Railroad Passes - 1920 to 1929 Picture
Lehigh Valley Railroad passes. 1920,1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, and 1929. Conductor employee passes. $40.00

15367 Lehigh Valley Railroad , Nine Lehigh Valley Railroad Passes - 1930 to 1939 Picture
Lehigh Valley Railroad passes. 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933,1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 and a combined 1938-9 . Conductor employee passes. $35.00

15368 Lehigh Valley Railroad , Six Lehigh Valley Railroad Passes - 1942 to 1953 Picture
Lehigh Valley Railroad passes. 1942, 1943, 1945, 1946, 1947-1948 and 1952-1953. 1942 is a Conductor employee pass. The rest ate retired conductor passes. $25.00

10191 Lehman, Peter, editor , Wide Angle Vol. 2, No. 4 Special John Ford Issue Picture
Circa 1979 paperback, 8.5 x 8 inches, with 87 pages, b&w photos and an index. $20.00

8768 Lehmann, J.H. , A Time Out Of Joint Living Through Two World Wars Picture
Autobiography $15.00

15941 Lehmann, L. H. , The Converted Catholic Magazine, 1945 (nine bound editions) Picture
Anti-Catholic articles. $50.00

15975 Lehmann, L. H. , Out of the Labyrinth Picture
Anti-Catholic. Author's signature in front. Book ads in back. $25.00

5292 Leighton, Frank Thomson , Complexity Issues in VLSI Optimal Layouts for the Shuffle-Exchange Graph and Other Networks Picture
Complexity Issues in VLSI Optimal Layouts for the Shuffle-Exchange Graph and Other Networks $20.00

12787 Leiner, Wolfgang, editor , Papers On French Seventeenth Century Literature Vol. VIII(1981) Number 15,1 Saint-Amant: The Poetics Of a Lyric Sequence Picture
In French, Papers On French Seventeenth Century. There's a bibliography $20.00

15944 Leitritz, Earl , Trout and Salmon Culture (Hatchery Methods): Fish Bulletin 164 Picture
Trout And Salmon Culture. There are many b&w photos, tables, graphs and a glossary $20.00

14150 Leitz, Ernst , Leicaflex SL Instructions Picture
6 x 5 inch instruction book for the Leicaflex SL. There are many b&w illustrations. $20.00

15694 Lembke, Marjorie, Editor in Chief , The 1954 Mana-Ha-Sa Published By The Student Body Meridian High School Meridian, Idaho Picture
8 x 11 inches with many b&w photos and some nice ads. $30.00

12544 Lenci-Downs, Elizabeth , I Heard My People Cry One Family's Escape From Russia The True Story of Lise Huebert Towes Gerig Picture
Of German nationality, born in the southern Crimea, she and her family excape the Russians in WW2 $20.00

12990 Lenzie, Karen , 1961 Tyee Picture
9 x 12 inches with many b&w photos. There's an index of names and many ads. Volume 62 $35.00

13594 Leonard, James M., Superintendent , Sutro Tunnel Coalition, Inc., letter to Chas. A. Chase Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, superintendent Leonard asks Chase, general manager of the Shenandoah-Dives Mining Company, about the operation of a 300-ton flotation plant designed by Stearns-Roger Company. $25.00

7807 Lescheid, Helen Grace, editor , Footprints of Compassion Picture
Non-fiction. British Columbia Mennonites $15.00

11897 Leschke, Charlotte , Rear View Mirror Picture
Autobiography of Charlotte Leschke. There are b&w photos. $20.00

15104 Lesh, Sally , Lunch at Toad River Moving to Alaska Picture
A couple with 8 kids moves from tne Northeast to Alaska in a school bus, eventually settling in Juneau. There are b&w photos. $20.00

11717 Lester, Jean , Faces of Alaska A Glimpse of History Through Paintings, Photographs and Oral Histories Picture
8.5 x 10 inches with many b&w and color photos. Alaskan oral history $20.00

11718 Lester, Jean , Faces of Alaska from Barrow to Wrangell Picture
8.5 x 10 inches with many b&w and color photos. Alaskan oral history $20.00

15693 Lester, Leroy , An Officer...Not a Gentleman Picture
Autobiography of Lester. Worked in San Diego's Portuguese tuna fleet, joined the US Merchant marine. There are b&w photos $20.00

5925 Levinson, Saul , Murder is Dangerous Picture
Murder, mystery $25.00

13818 Lewis, Albert L., editor , Air Trails Model Annual 1955 edition Picture
From the cover...Over 200 model plans, diagrams, etc... $20.00

4989 Lewis, Alice Hudson , Day After Tomorrow Picture
Stories of Southeast Asia. Missionaries. $20.00

14505 Lewis, Eugene W. , Motor Memories A Saga Of Whirling Gears Picture
A history of major personalities in the early American motor industry. There are b&w illustrations and an index. Signed by the author on the front free endpaper. $20.00

11413 Lewis, Howard T. , The Basic Industries of the Pacific Northwest Picture
There's a fold-out map and several pictures. There's also a separate small, two fold perspectus for the book. $20.00

15235 Lewis, Howard T., and Stephen I. Miller , The Economic Resources Of The Pacific Northwest Picture
An interesting depiction of Pacific Northwest resources in 1923. There's a fold-out map, many charts, tables, b&w photos and an index. $20.00

12963 Lewis, Wayne C. , Sea Cop Picture
NOAA, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and enforcement of regulations. There are maps and an index. Has an author inscription. $30.00

9259 Lewis, Winnifred , Islands Of The Western Pacific Picture
Islands of the West Pacific. There are many b&w photos and a glossary. $20.00

15430 Leynse, James P. , The Lure Of Hong Ke Picture
Fiction set in pre WW2 China. There's a three line inscription by the author. $20.00

16220 Lhote, Henri , The Search For The Tassili Frescoes The Rock Paintings Of The Sahara Picture
Rock paintings of the Sahara. There are numerous b&w and an occasional color, illustrations. $30.00

13542 Libby Studio , Studio Photo of a Spokane, Washington Lady in a Fancy Dress circa 1900s Picture
A 3.5 x 7 oval photograph of a lady in a fancy dress by Libby Studios in Spokane. $20.00

13174 Lichtenveldt, J. J., editor , Radio Bulletin No. 1 1948 Picture
In Dutch, an early, post ww2, hobbyist radio magazine. $25.00

6410 Lichtlen, P.R. , Adalat A Comprehensive Review Picture
Adalat A Comprehensive Review. There are many charts, tables and graphs. Nifedipine $30.00

14984 Lieb, Norbert , M√ľnchener Barockbaumeister Leben und Schaffen in Stadt und Land Picture
In German, architecture. There are 301 pages, including an index, and 80 pages of b&w photos of buildings. $25.00

16262 Liederman, Earle E. , Muscular Development Picture
Muscular development. Many pictures of muscular men. Also includes a "Dear Friend" letter solicitation. $35.00

15833 Life-Time Industries (Winnebago) , Introducing Life-Time Motor Home Picture
A 8.5 x 11 inch sheet for Life-Time Motor Home, a precursor to Winnebago Motor Homes. This very early model was built on the Ford P-350 chassis. $20.00

14782 Likes, John , The Oredigger, 5 issues, 1969, Colorado School Of Mines Picture
11.5 x 16 inches with b&w photos, school news from the Colorado School Of Mines, Golden, Colorado. Also included is a 35th Annual Engineers' Day brochure, March, 1969 $30.00

6586 Linck, James G. , On Being Alone Picture
On being alone. Also includes wht presentation notice from Binfords & Mort..."happy to present to you with our Circuit Rider Book, "On Being Alone." This is a chapter from Linck's book Paulina Preferred. $20.00

8798 Lincoln, John C. , Ground Rent, Not Taxes: The Natural Source Of Revenue For The Government Picture
Tax, Tax reform, ground rent $20.00

14008 Lincoln, Miriam, M.D. , Danger! Curves Ahead! Picture
Inscribed by the author, a book on dieting with some b&w photos as well as some illustrations by Florenz Clark $20.00

14195 Lincoln-Mercury Ford , Trailer Towing The Lincoln-Mercury Way Picture
8.5 x 11 inchs 8 page brochure on towing travel trailers with Lincoln-Mercury cars with specifications and optional equipment listed. $20.00

11972 Lindenberg, Charles W. , The Academy Picture
Inscribed by the author to a friend. A fictionalized autobiography of the author's time at the Puget Sound Naval Academy and afterwards. $20.00

7648 Lindquist, Mark , Never Mind Nirvana Picture
Humor $20.00

13079 Lindsay, Dianna, editor , Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles An Experiment in Primitive Living Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, Marshal South's writings on primitive living in Desert Magazine in the 1940s. There is a map, many b&w photos and illustrations and a bibliography. $20.00

5416 Linebarger, Paul M. A., Djang Chu and Ardath W. Burks , Far Eastern Governments and Politics China and Japan Picture
China and Japan, politics $16.00

15582 Lipphard, William B. , Missions An International Baptist Magazine Volume 36 Number 6 June 1945 Picture
7.5 x 10.75 with many b&w photos, the Baptist conference held in San Francisco and the same time as the United Nations first meeting. $20.00

16085 Little Joe's , Little Joe's Wine List, Los Angeles, 1943 Picture
4.25 x 9 inches, folds out to 13 x 9, Little Joe's Wine List, 904 North Broadway, Los Angeles, 1943 $25.00

15121 Littlefield, Josiah , Josiah Little field Lumberman-Conservationist An Autobiography Picture
Josiah Littlefield was a lumberman from Michigan $100.00

12942 Litzel, Otto , On Photographic Composition Picture
10.5 x 9.5 inches with many interesting b&w photos illustrating composition. $20.00

13823 Liu, Hung , Hung Liu Strange Fruit New Paintings Picture
11 x 8.5 inches with color plates of Hung Liu's paintings. There's also a 4 page broadside from Arizona State University. $20.00

16289 Livermore, Abiel Abbot , Lectures To Young Men On Their Moral Dangers And Duties Picture
Moral lectures about responsibilities and other suggestions, to young men in 1847. $35.00

5815 Livermore, Mary A. , My Story of the War: A Woman's Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience Picture
Civil War $80.00

16231 Loam, Jayson and Marjorie Gersh , Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest Picture
Hot Springs and pools of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Southwestern Canada. There are many b&w photos and maps. $20.00

14286 Lockley, Fred , Oregon's Yesterdays Picture
Oregon history. $20.00

14463 Lockport Felt Company , Tenax Felts 1958 Fishing Contest two fold brochure, both sides. Also includes Washington State sport fishing regulations brochure. Picture
Tenax Felts 1958 fishing contest rules and entry blank. $20.00

9630 Lockyear, Frank and Robert Gray , Trees For Tomorrow Picture
Autobiography, Frank Lockyear, Pacific Northwest, Wilsonville, Oregon, Nursery growers, tree planting. ISBN 1-56796-019-7 $15.00

8555 Lodwick, Gwilym S., M.D., and Sidney W. Nelson, M.D. , Symposia In Radiology For The Orthopedic Surgeon Picture
Medicine, Orthopedic, surgery $20.00

8730 Loevgren, Sven , The Genesis of Modernism Seurat, Gauguin, van Gogh, & French Symbolism in the 1880's Picture
Art, Modernism, Seurat, Gauguin, van Gogh, French $20.00

13158 Lokken, R. L. , North Dakota our state Picture
Comb binding with b&w photos and an index, a history of North Dakota $30.00

13278 Lomax, Alan , Mister Jelly Roll The Fortunes of Jelly Roll Morton, New Orleans Creole and "Inventor of Jazz" Picture
A biography of Jelly Roll Morton. There is music and appendices in the back. End paper map of New Orleans. $40.00

12845 Lomen Brothers, Nome Alaska , Two Lomen Bros. Studio Portraits Picture
Two studio portraits from the Lomen Brothers, Nome Alaska. One is 7 x 11 inches of a woman with two children. The other is a 4 x 6 oval. There is no documentation. $30.00

15431 Long, Paul , All the Answers to All Your Questions About Training Point Dogs Picture
Bird Dogs and training. There are b&w photos. There's an inscription by the author. $20.00

9900 Longfellow, Henry W. , Nuremberg. A Poem of Henry W. Longfellow Picture
4.5 x 6.5 inches wine colored stiff cardpaper covers with gold lettering and design on the front. Circa 1890's, 2nd edition with illustrations and ads. $40.00

13683 Longley, Ronald Stewart, M.A., Ph. D. , Acadia University, 1838-1938 Picture
An history of Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, with a color frontis, b&w photos, appendicies, a list of all graduates and an index. $20.00

10587 Longmire, Pat, editor , 1937 Kimtah West Seattle High School Picture
High school yearbook, Kimtah West Seattle High school, Pacific Northwest, Washington State $35.00

14083 Longone, Paul , Chicago City Opera Company Milwaukee Series Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, a stapled program with interesting ads, Die Walkure. $20.00

12909 Loomis, Naoma , 20th Century Photo-Tinting and Color Harmony Picture
A book on the tinting of black and white photos. There are two color illustrations, b&w photos and drawings. $30.00

15701 Loon Lake Congregational Church Ladies Guild , A Book Of Favorite Recipes Cook Along With The Lake Guild Picture
Comb binding cook book from the Loon Lake, Washington Ladies Guild. $25.00

13357 Lorand, Arnold, M.D. , Old Age Deferred Picture
The full title: Old Age Deferred The Causes of Old Age and It's Postponement by Hygienic and Therapeutic Measures. There's an index. $25.00

15931 Lord, Eliot , The Drama of Virginia City Picture
A reprint of "Comstock Mining and Miners", US Geological Survey, 1881. $20.00

14406 Lordsburg Junior Woman's Club , Variety Fair A Household Digest Picture
A cook book by the Lordsburg, New Mexico Junior Woman's Club. The bulk of the book is household tips with the addition of 18 pages of local recipes. There are local ads. $20.00

16081 Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel , Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel French Room Lunch Menu, 1944 Picture
9 x 12 inches, Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel French Room Lunch Menu, 1944. Sirloin steak is $3.25 $40.00

15291 Lose, G. W. , A White Field Picture
Fiction. Lutheran $20.00

14426 Lossing, Benson J., editor , Poems By William wilson Picture
Poetry $20.00

8776 Loughmiller, Campbell and Lynn , Big Thicket Legacy Picture
1977 hardback with 222 pages and b&w photos. Big thicket, Texas $20.00

15292 Lovatelli, Bianca Maria , The Maverick Contessa Picture
The autobiography of Bianca Maria Lovatelli. There are b&w photos. $30.00

15588 Love, Frank , A Guide to The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the Yuma and Lower Colorado Region Picture
Ghost Towns and Mining Camps...Tumco, Castle Dome, Fortuna, Kofa, Polaris and Picacho, California and Arizona. There's an inscription by the author, pictures and maps. $20.00

15682 Love, Frank, with Tom Alspach and Ron Snobarger , A Prayer, A Poultice, A Pail Life And Death In Yuma Arizona Territory (1854-1893) Picture
Stories of old Arizona with illustrations by Tim Alspach $20.00

12326 Lovstrom, Beverly J. and Virginia L. Ewbank , Northwest Art News & Views Picture
8 x 10.5 inches, The first 3 issues of Northwest Art. The first issue has an article by Tom Robbins. There are gallery reviews, artist profiles and interesting ads. $50.00

11414 Lowe, Pardee , Father and Glorious Descendant Picture
Autobiography of Pardee Lowe $50.00

11245 Lowe, Percival G. , Five Years a Dragoon ('49 To '54) And Other Adventures On The Great Plains Picture
The biography of Percival G. Lowe. There are b&w photos and an index. $50.00

16275a Lowell, A. Lawrence , Biography Of Percival Lowell Picture
Astronomy. There are a few illustrations and multiple appendicies. $25.00

14908 Lowenstein, Allard K. , Brutal Mandate A Journey To South West Africa Picture
South West Africa. There's a 3 line inscription and signature from the author. $60.00

12567 Lowenthal, Albert A., M.D. , Endocrine Glands and Sexual Problems Picture
Endocrint Glands and Sexual Problems, there's an index. $20.00

11748 Lucas, Patricia Latourette , Growing With Seattle The Story of Sellen Construction Company Picture
This 8.5 x 11 inch book, a history of the Sellen Construction Company, has many b&w photos, biographies and a client list. It is inscribed by the author to a childhood friend, "Hal," and signed "Patty." $35.00

11989 Luce, Earl , Paha Sapa Land of the Gods Picture
An RV trip in a truck with a camper from southern Texas to South Dakota on US Route 385 in the mid 1960s. There are hand-drawn maps and a bibliography. Signed by the co-author Elizabeth Earl Luce $20.00

16077 Luchow's Restaurant , Luchow's Restaurant 70th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Menu, 1952 Picture
6 x 9 inches, Luchow's Restaurant 70th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Menu, 1952. $5 for dinner. $25.00

12612 Lucia, Ellis , Klondike Kate The Life & Legend of Kitty Rockwell The Queen Of the Yukon Picture
A biography of Klondike Kate, Kitty Rockwell. Her later life in Bend, Oregon is mentioned as well. There are b&w photos and an index. $20.00

11959 Ludditt, Fred W. , Campfire Sketches of the Cariboo Picture
Mining in the Cariboo, British Columbia, in the 1930s. There are several b&w photos. $20.00

6683 Ludovici, L.J. , The Chain of Life The Story of Heredity Picture
Heredity $20.00

5731 Luen, Foo Siang and John Rocha, editors , Singapore 1995 A Review of 1994 Picture
Singapore. There are many color pictures, illustrations, appendicies and an index. $12.00

16301 Lundberg, George A., Mirra komarovsky and Mary Alice McInerny , Leisure A Suburban Study Picture
Leisure. There are tables, a bibliography and an index. $60.00

6241 Lundgren, Dale A., and others, editors , Aerosol Measurement Picture
Engineering, Aerosol $25.00

15715 Lundwall, N. B. , Assorted Gems of Priceless Value Picture
Mormon information and history. $20.00

16137 Lunsford, Bret , Croatian Fishing Families Of Anacortes Picture
8 x 11.25 inches, Croatian fishing families of Anacortes, Washington. There are many b&w photos and a bibliography. $25.00

16151 Lunsford, Bret , Images of America Anacortes Picture
Pictures and history of Anacortes, Washington. $25.00

10313 Lust, John B. , Lust for Living How To Live and Grow Younger Healthier Happier Picture
1953 first edition hardback inscribed by the author, green leather spine, green cloth boards, with 289 pages and an index. $25.00

9919 Luther, Tal , Custer High Spots Picture
Bibliography, George Armstrong Custer, history $20.00

14970 Lutheran Ladies' Aid, River Falls, Wisconsin , Your Household Guide Picture
Lutheran Ladies' Aid, River Falls, Wisconsin, comb binding, a general guide for everything from home repair to cooking. There are interesting ads. $20.00

8214 Lyman, Melvin , Out Of Obscurity Into Light Picture
Non-fiction, LDS, Mormon missionary doctor $25.00

15347 Lynch, Jeremiah , The Life of David C. Broderick A Senator Of The Fifties Picture
A senator from California in the 1850s. There's a b&w photo frontis of Broderick. $20.00

12307 Lynch, Neil J. , Montana's Legislature Through The Years Picture
8.5 x 11 inches, stapled paperback, signed by the author, with excellent photos. A history of the Montana legislature. $30.00

13722 Lynnwood Emblem Club No. 366 , South Snohomish County Treasure of Personal Recipes Picture
A cookbook from the Lynnwood Emblem Club. $20.00

12364 Lynnwood Rotary Club , Washington International Air Fair '90 Salute To U.S. / Soviet Aviation Picture
8.5 x 11 inch souvenir program for the Washington State international Air Fair in 1990. There are many articles and photos about US and Soviet planes $20.00

10848 Lyons, James, Editor and Publisher , The American Record Guide Incorporating The American Tape Guide May, 1955, Volume 25, Number 9 Picture
May 1959 25th Year of Publication Special Silver Jubilee Issue, stapled paperback, with 143 pages (numbered 563-706) and ads. $25.00

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